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Woman lodges police reports after man stares into her unit and another opens her shoe box



Woman lodges police reports after man stares into her unit and another opens her shoe box​

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Farah Daley mail

Posted on 17 May 2024 | 2,152 views | 12 comments
Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

This story was submitted via Instagram.

A woman was concerned when she noticed a stranger loitering outside her unit and staring through her window on May 14.
The Stomper, who did not disclose where she lives, shared screenshots taken from CCTV footage outside her flat showing that the man was there after midnight.

She described the man as 'scary' and said that she had never seen him before and this was the first time she had caught him 'stalking' outside her window.

She added that she made a police report following the incident.
This is not the first time she has called the police over strange behaviour outside her home.

On Dec 22, 2023, she caught another man on camera opening her shoe box outside her unit while walking by with a baby stroller.
"This one was block shopping and he doesn't even stay here," she said.

"He was checking out my shoe rack."

When she confronted the man, he allegedly told her he wanted to check if she had children's items to give away.

"I made a police report also," she said.


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