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Woman in India stabs husband over refusal to take her to Singapore



Woman in India stabs husband over refusal to take her to Singapore​



Police in India arrested a 52-year-old woman after she allegedly stabbed her husband for refusing to take her to Singapore.
The incident took place on Jan 6 in the city of Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka state, and arose after a marital dispute involving her standards of housekeeping, reported The Times of India on Jan 9.
The couple married in 2002, but the woman’s 56-year-old husband had been working in Singapore for the last 25 years, visiting his wife and 20-year-old son only a handful of times each year.
In September 2023, his wife and son went to live with him in Singapore, with plans for the son to pursue higher education there.
On Jan 5, the family of three returned to India. The man planned to leave for Singapore on Jan 19 with only his son, and informed his wife about this on the morning of Jan 6.
An argument ensued and, later that afternoon, she attacked her husband with a knife while he was asleep in their bedroom.
She used the knife on his head and hand, and also stabbed him in the back, The Times of India quoted the man as saying.
Besides the knife attack, she also mixed chilli powder with water and splashed it on his face, he said.
It took both father and son to get her out of the bedroom. They then called the police, who arrived at the scene and arrested her.
The man received 14 stitches in hospital, with a senior police officer saying that they suspected him of excluding his wife from his plans due to her “lacking his modern outlook”.


Pua CB CECA again...



Worse part is, son sides with his father even after seeing the mother being mistreated.

Fucked up species. Total selfishness.