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Woman flings dirty dishes on ground and fights with uncle until he falls down, police investigating



Woman flings dirty dishes on ground and fights with uncle until he falls down, police investigating​

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Cherlynn Ng mail

Posted on 01 March 2024 | 11,912 views | 69 comments
Submitted by Stomper Lee

A woman was caught on camera causing a ruckus at a coffee shop and getting into a fight with someone who confronted her.
The incident occurred at Block 463 Sembawang Drive on Feb 18, at around 11am.

Stomper Lee shared a Feb 27 video circulating online, which first shows the woman causing a mess at 463 BGAIN Eating House's tray return point. She can be seen dumping dishes and trays from the metal rack onto the ground.

Her behaviour drew the attention of several onlookers, including a man who confronted her.
Despite someone in the background saying, "It's okay, it's okay, just leave her alone," the man appears to scold the woman and can be seen pointing his finger at her.

The woman shouts, "Who are you? Why are you talking to me?" and repeatedly told him to "go away".

The pair then get into a physical alteration, which results in the man falling onto the ground.

A female employee at the drinks stall told Shin Min Daily News: "The woman was very fierce, kept telling the uncle to go away and later punched him.

"During their dispute, the uncle likely lost his balance and fell down."

The woman immediately left the coffee shop, said the employee, who added: "This is my first time seeing the woman and I don't recognise her at all.

"Someone called the police but both parties had left by the time they arrived."
In response to media queries, the police confirm a report and investigations are ongoing


Uncle should sign up for Wing Chun classes at CC, may be can claim skillsfuture credit.