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Woman arrested for robbery at Bukit Panjang Ring Road



Woman arrested for robbery at Bukit Panjang Ring Road

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The Straits Times
Monday, Nov 18, 2013

Police have arrested a 22-year-old woman suspected of committing robbery at Bukit Panjang Ring Road on November 17, 2013.

The suspect followed her 73-year-old woman as she was entering the lift at the ground floor of a block at about 4.30pm.

As the lift was ascending, the suspect flashed a pair of scissors and demanded for the victim’s gold necklace that she was wearing around her neck.

When the victim refused the suspect’s demands, the latter snatched the gold necklace and fled when the lift door opened.

The victim shouted for help and her cries attracted the attention of her son who was visiting a friend on the same floor.

The victim’s son chased after the suspect and detained her at the staircase landing of the same block.

Police were notified and arrested the suspect at the scene.

The victim’s gold necklace and a pair of scissors were recovered as case exhibits.

If convicted, the suspect may be jailed up to 14 years.

Commander of Jurong Police Division, Deputy Assistant Commissioner of Police (DAC) Wilson Lim urged members of public to be alert to their surroundings to avoid falling prey to such opportunistic criminals.

To avoid taking a lift with a stranger, let the stranger take the lift and wait for the next one. If a stranger suddenly rushes in, press “Door Open” and step out immediately.

If confronted, remain composed, note down the suspect’s descriptions and call ‘999’ as soon as possible.