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Serious Why PAP never send any equipment to Ukraine


Got so many generals should ask them to show us their capabilities in war n not all sit on boards or as ceo,show some.lan par n not lan par papaer generals,


Old Fart
Ukraine needs the Leopard2 MBTs desperately. SG has 170. We should send 100 of them over immediately! Fuck care Olaf and all those krauts. Fuck Putin! Slava Ukraini!:biggrin:


syed putra

PAP wants all that russian money into the economy after its been shut off in london new york and switzerland,


To send tanks to UKR in order that it may counter the illegal RUS invasion, it must be tempered with pragmatism & realities.

- tanks are not bicycles that one can just hop onto it & within minutes, able to balance & direct the bicycle. It would need at least 3 months of INTENSIVE training in order to effectively weld it together with others in a team to find success in battlefields. It would take at least 2 months for the tank crew to fully understand their role in the tank - how to operate not just the movement but using the ammo, the electronics onboard, each mechanical parts as well as the Immediate Action drills when encounter issues within the tank, from operating the start button until switching it off, with safety in mind always, not just once but daily till each knows what to do even in the dark or tired.

Once they had mastered the IA drills, then they would have to work with other tanks in co-ordination training, as it will take a well co-ordinated team to win tank battles.

The training can be cut short to 4 weeks thru full dedication & breaking down of complex operations to simple steps, if in an emergency. However, the fear is that the courageous UKR military will simply just want to rush the tanks into battle, to save their loved ones & nation, but such will only endanger themselves & the battles to win. As no tank is alike, more so the advanced ones, without IA drills, such tanks would be abandoned in the battlefield once issues crop up, which will be a loss to the UKR military, as tanks are limited & not easily replaced, as similarly Humans.

Secondly, in order to send the tanks, it will need to send SPARE PARTS on the ratio 1 is to 3 - for 1 tank, one must have 3 full tanks as spare parts, especially since not all tanks are alike. Tanks are made of mechanical parts, will wear & tear easily in battles, and will need to return to Hangers to have parts replaced. Without spare parts, then the other tanks will have to be cannibalized for parts. Thus to send 100 tanks, it must also send another 300 tanks in boxes & find safe storage spaces to hold them. Equally, a team of tank technicians will also be needed to perform the necessary swift repair works, as well as machine tools, lifts, etc.

Therefore, the UKR Military will have to assure kind nations that such will be done, as charity should not be wasted, but fully utilized to its max to achieve an aim.

While waiting for Free World's response over the modern tanks issue, as well as the necessary training & logistics for its, perhaps a proposed better strategy is to get hold of ANY Soviet era T-72 tanks - which are armored & does its battlefield purpose-it can muster from the battlefields, either abandoned by the new RUS troops or have parts damaged.

As most of UKR tank troops, commanders & mechanics are fully trained on the T-72, they will be able to fully utilized those armored vehicles, to repair & refurbish it to operational status. It only needs flat-bed trucks with heavy lifting cranes to upload such tanks when the battlefield is safe to do so, then send it back to bases for repairs, on its damage armor shields & guns, where there are readily available spare parts or cannibalized parts .

No doubt the Russian military T-72, T-62s, T-90 tanks are old, it is still made of composite armor & will do its main job of protecting the crews. Furthermore, wars are about IMPROVISATION. Modern tech can be incorporated & MODIFIED into such tanks - such as electronics, sensors, etc. If even a mere $50 Apple watch can tell one's body health condition, & a mere phone camera is of only 2mm, such will not take up much space within such tanks on the sensoric conditions of the tank & its exterior surroundings. There may be no need of computer LCD monitors in such tanks, as even modern mere eye-glasses can display info, let alone helmet visor to display battlefield, radar or any other data information upon a click of a button on the helmet or even a voice command to AI type 'Siri'.

Need an automated heat signature radar/Human controlled 50mm gun to destroy enemies in range? - just four strong nuts & bolts on the exterior of the old tank to mount the gun, with modern tech mechanical gyroscopic controls commanded by commander's computerized helmet visor without him even opening the hatch will do the job.

And as UKR tank crews are already long familiar with necessary I.A. for the operational status of the tank at all times, it can & will be a decisive factor to counter the reported build-up of RUS military & assaults in this brutal winter month.

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Hopefully it will change now and that's on them.
What we can do from our side now - send our cars to Ukraine and help them to defend their homes.
CarDonate gives us an opportunity to stay on the right side of this conflict and make something good today.
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