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why do old prostitutes like these two women still ply the trade? got business meh?



Police arrest 2 women for prostitution at spa in Thomaston​

Shu Fang Qi and Gui Feng Li both face prostitution charges following the March 7, 2024...

Shu Fang Qi and Gui Feng Li both face prostitution charges following the March 7, 2024 execution of a warrant at a spa in Thomaston.(Thomaston police)

By Rob Polansky
Published: Mar. 8, 2024 at 11:42 AM EST

THOMASTON, CT (WFSB) - Two women were arrested on prostitution charges following the execution of a search and seizure warrant at a spa in Thomaston.

Thomaston police said they charged Shu Fang Qi, 60, and 53-year-old Gui Feng Li, both of Flushing, NY, with prostitution and conspiracy to commit prostitution.
According to police, the warrant was executed at the New Healthy Spa on East Main Street on Thursday.

With help from state police and the state Department of Labor, police said they uncovered evidence of prostitution.

Both suspects were given court dates of March 18 at Torrington Superior Court.
They were released on $25,000 bonds.


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