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Why do Indians want a virgin wife ?


Why do Indians want a virgin wife ?


This question is hard to answer. Most of you will not agree with my answer but still I will try to answer this question honestly.

Indian men want a virgin wife because virgins never had sex with anyone before . Indian men never want their potential partner to have sex with anyone else , not even once . Exception is , if woman had sex with a man and lost her virginity to that man and provided that she never had sex with anyone else other than that man , then generally a man will have no problem marrying her. Most Indian men are concern about their potential wife had sex with some one else. What is even more interesting is that they do not improvise when it come to virginity , except for the exception I mentioned earlier .

I think most men do not want virgin wife because they have read that in some holy book and their family and friends told them. In my personal opinion , I think culture do play some role but still I do believe that it has more to do with how men perceive sex between their potential partner and other man/men and male sexual jealousy. Neither men judge non virgin women nor they are concern about character , when they ask about virginity . I do know if virginity and characters are two separate things or virginity is the part of character. As far as my experience , men do want wives with good character and values but they do not want to improvise when their wife had sex with other men . We can simplify it. In short , sex between their potential wives and any other man/men matters to them , it does not matter when it happens . Even if potential mate had no emotional connection with other person , they just do not want it to ever happen , neither in past nor in future nor ever. These thing just really matter to them .

I do not want to go deeper into why they are concern about their potential mate had sex with someone else , whether it is should matter or it should not . Reason can be explain by evolutionary psychology but I do not want mention about evolutionary psychology , paternity and all those stuff here . I will talk about those aspects in some other answers . In short , they want a wife who had never ever had sex with anyone else and never ever will have sex with anyone else in future.

I do not think they are misogynic or insecure . These men really reflects complex relation between love and sex . I personally respect their decision and choices . They have every right to think and marry a kind of woman they want to marry .

Last I want to mention that this answer only about what is and why is and this is not about what should and should not .