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Where would I find the best chicken Biryani in Singapore?


Where would I find the best chicken Biryani in Singapore?

Singapore is known for its diverse food scene, and you can find a variety of delicious dishes, including chicken biryani, at many restaurants and food stalls across the city. The "best" chicken biryani can be subjective and may vary depending on personal preferences. However, there are several well-regarded places in Singapore where you can enjoy delicious chicken biryani. Here are a few notable options:

  1. Samy's Curry: Samy's Curry, located in Dempsey Hill, is known for its South Indian cuisine, including chicken biryani. The biryani here is flavorful and comes with a side of condiments and curry.
  2. Bismillah Biryani: Bismillah Biryani is a popular spot in Little India, known for its fragrant and tasty biryani dishes. Their chicken biryani is a favorite among locals and visitors alike.
  3. Khansama Tandoori Restaurant: Situated in Beach Road, Khansama Tandoori Restaurant offers a variety of Indian dishes, including chicken biryani. The biryani is aromatic and rich in flavor.
  4. The Banana Leaf Apolo: This well-established restaurant offers a range of South Indian and North Indian dishes. Their chicken biryani is well-loved, and you can enjoy it on a banana leaf for an authentic experience.
  5. Muthu's Curry: Muthu's Curry is famous for its fish head curry, but they also serve flavorful chicken biryani. You can find Muthu's Curry at locations like Dempsey Hill and Little India.
  6. Zaffron Kitchen: Zaffron Kitchen is known for its modern and creative take on Indian cuisine. Their chicken biryani is well-received, and they have multiple outlets across the city.
  7. Biryani Factory: Located in the Kampong Glam area, Biryani Factory specializes in biryani dishes, including chicken biryani. They offer a variety of biryani options to choose from.
It's a good idea to read reviews, ask for recommendations, and explore different places to find the chicken biryani that suits your taste preferences. Keep in mind that the spice level and preparation style can vary from one restaurant to another, so don't hesitate to ask the staff for guidance if you have specific preferences or dietary restrictions.


Ayam Penyet.
That is in Lucky Plaza


Viral Grumpy Nasi Ayam Goreng Seller Now Hiring Staff To Work At His Cafe​

Part of the reason why he is so grumpy is because his cafe is always short-staffed.
Yip Jieying

Fiie's Cafe lucky plaza nasi ayam goreng hawker food cheap and good
Viral Grumpy Nasi Ayam Goreng Seller Now Hiring Staff To Work At His Cafe

After going viral earlier this month, Lucky Plaza’s ‘rudest’ nasi ayam goreng seller saw long lines for his tasty fried chicken rice with a side of 'tude. While it was proof that Singaporeans cannot resist good food even under extreme circumstances, the queues at Fiie’s Cafe also highlighted another pertinent local issue: the manpower crunch in the F&B industry.

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Photo: Yip Jieying

There is a reason why he’s so rude

In our profile of Fiie’s Cafe’s owner Shafiie, the second-gen boss went into detail about why he was so grumpy that he called himself Mister Grumpy.
Photo: Instagram/ @mistergrumpyfriedchicken
“My food is only $6. Some of them want me to serve them their food and hand them their change with a smile when we are so packed at lunchtime. There’s just the two of us, and it’s so hard to find manpower,” said Shafiie, who now runs the cafe with his younger brother Rasheed.
Photo: Instagram/ @mistergrumpyfriedchicken

Now hiring

Given his cafe’s popularity and long working hours — Shafiie typically works 14 to 15 hours a day prepping, cooking and washing up — it is unsurprising that he needs help.
A hiring notice posted recently on the cafe’s Instagram page called for applicants for full-time and part-time positions to “assist Mister Grumpy in the kitchen”. The working hours are from Mondays to Saturdays, 8am to 6pm. Part-timers are paid $10 per hour, with flexible working hours, while full-timers get a “salary range from $2.6k to $3k”.

And in case you are wondering about the job requirements, the caption adds: "No experience needed if willing to learn... No smiling needed as well." Pretty on brand, we say.
Photo: Yip Jieying

There were applicants

We asked Shafiie if there were applicants, given how his working style had been compared to Seinfeld’s mercurial ‘Soup Nazi’ chef character. “There were a few, but none showed up for work,” he lamented (several F&B owners confirmed with 8days.sg that this is a common scenario with hired staff in the industry).

As for whether it will be nerve-wracking working for someone who is known as Mister Grumpy, Shafiie laughed: “It depends on [the job applicants] really.”

Fiie’s Cafe is at #06-52 Lucky Plaza, 304 Orchard Rd, S238863. Tel: 9323-5305. Open daily except Sun, 11am-5pm. GrabFood and Foodpanda delivery available. Facebook, Instagram