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Chitchat Where to find this kind of woman officer in the SAF?


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'Ah Boys To Men 4' actress Apple Chan: A Thai-boxing mermaid

From yahoo news

You might have heard that Jack Neo has cast a new female lead in the upcoming ‘Ah Boys To Men 4’ movie. As an armoured infantry lieutenant in the Singapore Armed Forces, no less.

But don’t write her off as another wispy actress pretending to be tough; Hong Kong-born Apple Chan could easily kick your butt without breaking a nail.

Search for the soft-spoken TVB actress (her Chinese name 陳芷尤 would yield more results) online, and you’ll find videos of the Hong Kong media going on about her looks and her cry-on-cue acting skills.

You might also spot a video clip of a Hong Kong water gameshow on her Instagram page, where she doggedly latches on to an opponent’s legs and throws him off balance into the water, all in a matter of seconds.

There’s an iron determination in the 28-year-old that would make her father, a former competitive Thai-boxing fighter, proud.

As a young child, Apple had picked up the basics from her dad, and has been training at her paternal uncle’s boxing studio in Hong Kong since moving to the country six years ago.

“I know I don’t look it, but I’m very active and like a lot of sports. (Thai-boxing) is a very good skill, for girls especially, because you can protect yourself,” the ex-model told Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore in an exclusive interview.

She said she took up some MMA lessons as well for a role in a Chinese online movie, and also went for a class on stunt work.

“I want to learn more martial arts, and try something different, and hopefully venture into action movies. Not a lot of girls do it, so this presents extra opportunities for myself,” Apple said.

“A lot of people judge me on my appearance, and think I’m soft and weak. Martial arts make me feel stronger and more confident, and I can prove to others that I’m not just an average girl who looks sweet and gentle; I’m a strong woman with skills.”

Thankfully, she hasn’t had to kick her way out of a nasty situation with overly amorous men, although she said with a laugh, “I would really want to try and prove to myself to see how strong I really am.”

Viewers can catch scenes of her in action in ‘Ah Boys To Men 4’ (ABTM), which follows the boys in green juggling reservist duties with work and family. The film will be released in November, while the fifth instalment will follow in the Lunar New Year period next year.

Earlier in 2017, Apple, a Singapore permanent resident, flew from Hong Kong specially to join in the open casting auditions for the movies.

Why would an actress with Hong Kong’s grand TVB want to act in a Singapore movie?

“It’s partly because I’m brought up in Singapore, and have always wanted to come back and do a project here if I had an opportunity,” Apple said.

“Singapore is more like a home to me, and most of my friends are here. I’ve watched the Ah Boys To Men movies, and if I get a chance to get a lead role in a big project, I wouldn’t miss it.”

She moved here with her parents and older brother when she was just four, and grew up in Toa Payoh, attending Guangyang Primary School and First Toa Payoh Secondary School, where she was in the softball team and the NPCC, even receiving the Best Cadet award.

Apple graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts in Design Communication. Six years ago, she entered the Miss Hong Kong beauty pageant, and enrolled in the 25th TVB acting class.

She subsequently rose to fame in the 2012 long-running sitcom ‘Come Home Love’, as well as dramas like ‘A Fist Within Four Walls’ (2016) and ‘Tiger Mom Blues’ (2017).

While she remains with TVB, Apple recently signed an artiste management contract with JM Artiste Network, a company by Jack Neo’s J Team Productions and MM2 Entertainment, to represent her in Singapore and Malaysia.

Apple comes back to Singapore around four or five times a year. Between filming ABTM and catching up with family and friends, she also has an unusual hobby: mermaid swimming!

“Every girl will have a Disney Princess childhood memory, and Ariel the mermaid is my favourite. I love water, how it brushes against my skin, and the freedom I get in it, so I relate myself to a mermaid. I enjoy wearing the fin so much, because I can swim a lot faster,” she explained.

“A lot of people asked, but I didn’t go on a mermaid course to learn mermaid swimming. I had swimming lessons when I was a child, so I just used what I had learnt with my mermaid fins,” the actress said.

“As long as you know how to swim dolphin-style, you can swim like a mermaid. It can be difficult, because you have to work with your core muscles, and follow a momentum.”


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Caitanya Tan (Singaporean actress who turned down Harvey Weinstein) as Cpt Goh Yiling in Mediacorp tv drama Tanglin. :biggrin:



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Singapore actress' creepy encounter with Harvey Weinstein

from the new paper online

Miss Caitanya Tan was a newly minted graduate just starting out on a career as an actress, and the 23-year-old was excited at the prospect of attending the fifth Asian Film Awards in Hong Kong in 2011.

She attended the awards ceremony with friends and took it all in, going wide-eyed over the actors and actresses and soaking in the atmosphere as the fans raised decibel levels outside the venue, cheering their favourites on.

She also had a surreal encounter with Harvey Weinstein.

The big-name film producer and co-founder of The Weinstein Company, which recently sacked him, has been dominating the headlines recently after a number of actresses, led by Ashley Judd and including A-listers like Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow, exposed him for being a sexual predator.

Various reports have emerged of how he lured actresses to his hotel room where he asked for massages, or even masturbated in front of them. Some actresses have also alleged that the Hollywood bigwig raped them, including Asia Argento.

Miss Tan - who has found fame after starring in the Mediacorp television drama Tanglin - told The New Paper yesterday that she met Weinstein, a keynote speaker at the event, on the red carpet.

The 30-year-old said: "When we saw this limousine pull up and he stepped out, my friend said he was an American superstar producer who made so many big Hollywood movies."

Her group went to take photos with Weinstein, who graciously obliged. Once done, they went their separate ways, but Miss Tan recounted how Weinstein then doubled back and catching her eye, asked: "Hey, are you an actress?"

Miss Tan, who at the time had a leading role in a stage production at Hong Kong Disneyland, acknowledged that she was.

She was excited at any prospect of working with a big-time Hollywood producer, but that did not last.

"Then he asked me: 'I have a couple of scripts with me, would you like to come to my room to read them?' I thought that was really creepy," she recalled.

Miss Tan declined.

She said: "As he walked away, he asked me, 'Do you know who I am? Do you know I can make you very famous?'

"I was shocked and stood my ground."

Miss Tan and her friends then parted ways with Weinstein and his entourage, and she didn't think much of it until the recent bombshell allegations about his untoward behaviour.

In light of the mounting allegations and increasing number of women speaking out against him, Miss Tan decided to share her own experience on social media and also talk about it on The Pride, a website associated with the Singapore Kindness Movement.

"I'm not a victim because nothing happened, but the reason I shared it is because I think it's important to report and speak out about it," she said.

"Everyone's experience is important and I'm more vocal than I've ever been about sexism.

"That kind of behaviour is simply unacceptable."


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Interesting fact about UK women soldiers in frontline combat roles: :biggrin:

Not as progressive as others, British women have been serving in the British Armed Forces only since the early 1990s, but they are not always allowed to join combat. Female soldiers are excluded from most combat units in the Army, Royal Marines, and Royal Air Force Regiment, but they still get to wear a uniform and feel important! However since Nov 2016, women will be allowed to fight in combat roles in the infantry and tank units, after former PM David Cameron accepted a recommendation from his chief of general staff.


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Interesting facts about Canadian women soldiers. :biggrin:

Back in the days of WWI and WWII female forces could only contribute to communications, driving heavy equipment, medical operations and other supportive activities. Then in 1965 Canada permitted 5,000 women to join the three branches of the military, but it was in 1982 that women were able to fully join and serve in the Canadian Armed Forces. Beautiful and tough.