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Wah Tiu's Pride : BYD Seal taken apart by Japan to learn about the 'future EV leader' design philosophy


Alfrescian (Inf)
This has not aged well. :smile: Without autonomous driving the Apple car would have been worthless. Once they realised that there was no way that they were going to catch up with Tesla which has more than a million cars collecting billions of miles of real world data as we speak they rightfully pulled the plug.

Tesla cars are AI robots on wheels. Tesla is a robotic/AI company not a car company.
i was a little sarcastic when i said it will probably cost $699k. nobody except the wealthiest apple fanboys will buy. by 2026.9 it will be too little too expensive too late. scrapping the apple car is now the right decision. like you said nothing beats data collection, processing, fine tuning by billions of miles on millions of real wheels on the road. the training phase in ai requires massive data and the most time.