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[Video] - Watch a couple videos of "3 Gun Competitions" (Pistol, Shotgun, Semi-Auto Rifle), in the USA we have Teenage Girls who are Champions!


Alfrescian (InfP)
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2 years ago
Joel Wright China is starting to equip their troops with Body Armor. In general, China upgrading their military from some second tier Military that could only bully smaller neighbors to something that would be able to stand up to the likes of NATO, USA, or Russia.



2 years ago
@luismaiocchi3347 It is NOT merely a matter of Body Armor, nor Weapons, nor other equipment, it is Primarily how well Trained Soldiers, Sailors, Aviators, and Marines are. All Armed Forces exist to perpetuate the Regime, the Leadership. Communist China, North Korea, Russia, the USA, South Korea, or France, this is true. In the USA, France, the UK, and South Korea, the Citizens have at least a bit of the power.

In the USA there are politicians and ideologues who want to get rid of the Right of Citizens to Defend themselves (in particular with firearms). Communist China is cautious about what kind of Military Training, and how much Training their Soldiers get. In any nation there are usually more Former soldiers than Soldiers on active duty.

Guns are outlawed in most places in the world, but even in the USSR, Communist China, Nazi Occupied Europe, London, NYC, or Chicago in the USA people have been able to get their hands on Guns, even Military type weapons! It is not so much the "Tools" (guns) as it is the Skill of the User.

Watch a couple videos of "3 Gun Competitions" (Pistol, Shotgun, Semi-Auto Rifle), in the USA we have Teenage Girls who are Champions! Watch some videos by Black Rifle Coffee Company, showing them out shooting. Not only US (Australian, British, Canadian, South Korean, etc.) Veterans have these Skills; although the Skills were Taught by Veterans. These skills do make some politicians in the USA, and more so in the UK, Canada, etc. Very Concerned, and trying to Limit Our Rights.

The Chinese Communist Party is confident (and correct) that They are sufficiently protected from Foreign threats, and that their Armed Forces can achieve most of the goals of the Communist Party (there are other consequences than military defeat that Deter Communist China).

More than 30 Years ago the faltering Soviet Union was able to equip most of their Millions of Front Line Soldiers with Body Armor. That Communist China had belatedly decided to go to the Expense of doing so, says more about what they believe about the lives of their soldiers. Communist China has been "standing up" to the USSR/Russia since about 1955, and against the USA since 1965 or so. When in its interest the CCP has worked with the USSR/Russia, and/or the USA.

Since 1947 neither the USSR nor the USA could invade China and conquer it. Despite significant Military (and minimal Naval) Strength, Communist China has not be capable of defeating even Vietnam (c.1979 invasion). Possibly, if they were willing to face the Economic Consequences, CC could conquer Taiwan.