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[Video] - USA Road Rage : Driver comes out of car to punch the other car driver, only to kena shot by him


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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA) - An Allen County judge has dismissed a felony charge filed in a November road rage shooting, court records show. The 42-year-old Fort Wayne man was originally charged with a level 6 felony of criminal recklessness committed with a deadly weapon in connection with the Nov. 19. shooting. That day, police say they got several calls about a road rage incident on Maplecrest Road. A witness told 21Alive he was driving by when he heard gunfire, and a bullet went through the front passenger window of his SUV. The witness said a car was weaving in and out of traffic on Maplecrest and cut off a van, causing them to brake and honk their horn. He said the vehicles continued to weave around each other when the car struck the van. The car then stopped, and police say two men inside got out and ran up to the van. Court documents say the car’s driver then punched out the van’s front window as the van driver was seated with the door closed. Then, the witness said he heard gunshots ring out. Police arrived and said they found a man with a gunshot wound to the arm and the witness who had been shot. All people involved suffered non-critical injuries. The driver of the van told police he felt threatened when the men approached him, so he fired three shots to protect himself and his wife. He was then taken into custody on the criminal recklessness charge. Then on Nov. 28, Judge John Bohdan filed an order to dismiss that charge. He also ordered the man’s record to be expunged.