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[Video] - Poor Pelicans may kena their fragile mouths destroyed (either by fights with other animals, cruel fishing hooks, etc)


Alfrescian (InfP)
Generous Asset


1 year ago
I did a lot of pier fishing in florida years ago. There were always a couple of big brown pelicans who would hang around and try to steal my bait or grab a pinfish when you got it out of the water. I got mad at one and kept trying to scare it away. An old man told me "you know that pelican is so old and blind he can't dive in the water and catch fish anymore.? That's why he is stealing and begging for fish." Apparently when they get older they go blind from diving in the water after fish. I never knew that or even thought about it. So after that I would always throw the old pelicans a fish or 2 when I was fishing for bait. That old man completely changed my attitude about pelicans.