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[Video] NATO Backs Ukraine's Irreversible Path To NATO membership. NATO scolds China for supporting Russia. China retorts Ukraine war is NATO's fault.

syed putra

US needed to destroy germany industrial prowess. Too bad the germans do not realise this. German working with russia is too big a enemy to fight. Better split them now.


USA on the verge of collapse. As will Singalore.
India? It will collapse very soon.
The Amelican fukrrrrrssss need to colonize and bomb here and there to stay in power.


Rogue Trader

Alfrescian (Inf)
The more NATO kpkb about China's support for Russia the funnier things have become. More EU states have leaders cosying up to China - latest being Italian chiobu melonni and Hungarian Orban.

In contrast India has been profiting massively through its cheap petroleum import and reselling it to EU. There's even an agreement to manufacture military equipment for Russia:


Plus, Modi just visited Russia and rubbed his curry scent on Putin


Why such big difference in narratives?

Because China lumbar one LOL
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