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(Video) E-hailing Driver Stunned To See His Customer Entering In Just A Towel & Changes Clothes Mid-Ride


(Video) E-hailing Driver Stunned To See His Customer Entering In Just A Towel & Changes Clothes Mid-Ride
Source: Facebook/走音 zau2 jam1
In the life of an e-hailing driver, one never knows what to expect. You could have an ordinary customer, or a weird one. Well, it turns out this Uber driver recently had a really strange experience with a female customer, which has left many of us puzzled!

An Uber driver had been carrying out his day as usual when he came across a really weird behaviour from a customer. Initially, he picked up a female customer and assumed everything was normal, until he noticed she was wearing nothing but a towel and was attempting to change in his car! Needless to say, it left everyone shocked.

Source: Facebook/走音 zau2 jam1

The Uber driver had initially suspected nothing when the lady got into the car while carrying a large bag. However, after she urged him to start driving and he caught a glimpse of her in nothing but a bath towel, he was understandably shocked. “Oh my god,” he could be heard exclaiming quietly.

The woman then pulled out a pair of underwear and got on the phone with someone, allegedly her boyfriend. When the driver saw her starting to remove her shoes, he demanded to know what she was doing. “Keep driving,” she ordered. When he asked again, she only responded with: “I’m doing… you don’t want to pay attention (to me).

Are you going to change clothes in here?” he questioned and with an innocent tilt of her head, she said “Yeah, I can change.” The driver insisted she stop changing her clothes in the car, saying: “Don’t do that! I cannot drive when you do that.” However, she did not listen. The driver could be heard gaping as she pulled on her underwear before grabbing her top.

Source: Facebook/走音 zau2 jam1

When the driver started oohing at her again, the lady, apparently uncomfortable, told him to stop looking. However, the man protested that she was making it hard for him to concentrate on driving.

Can you please change when you (arrive)?” he asked. “No, you are (a) driver. You (shouldn’t pay much attention) to your customer,” she reprimanded.

He then started praising her as she pulled on her loose dress, also claiming she was a “Philippine girl”. However, he was soon expressing amazement at how easily she had changed without revealing herself. “You’re so professional,” he commented.

The lady later explained that as she had just finished showering when the driver arrived, she opted to change her clothes in the car to keep her boyfriend from waiting too long.

The video was uploaded on 7th June. Although where it took place was not stated, the driver and his customer are of Asian descent, but both spoke English. interestingly enough, the incident was apparently recorded by the driver’s phone, assumedly attached to the front of the car. However, netizens claim the incident was staged, with some pointing out a pair of pants the lady was allegedly wearing under her bathrobe.
Source: Facebook/走音 zau2 jam1
Source: Facebook/走音 zau2 jam1

Well, the video does leave one wondering what exactly was going through the lady mind when she decided to get changed in a stranger’s car. Although we cannot confirm if the video was staged or not, there’s no denying that it would be an odd scenario for any Uber driver, if it were real.

Video here:

Sources: China Press, Facebook
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