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[email protected] by Connoisseur


Likely to be rental market at this moment.
But when the other condos are up and running then might be difficult to sustain.
Rental is always a dicey affair.
Not too surprised about the quality of the building though.
Most Johor properties are of similar standards.
I suspect that they use the same contractors. Haha. Most of the internal build quality is so similar that likely you've seen one you have seen them all. At least for the local developments


Had went to see few other developments from reputable developers...

The fixture n fittings r very smooth..
No slanted plugs or any cracks or holes found in walls..
No moldy smell or others..

So.... if look for reputable developers, everything should be ok..

So cross out those .... erm... small or unknown developers.. sorry... no offence here..

Buying a property is BIG case.. so cannot anyhow buy..


When my reno contractor was doing up my place, he was impressed that the place was actually relatively well finished (thankfully!). He mentioned he has seen many newly-completed places in JB where the defects were unimaginable - e.g. slanting/tilting walls etc. So I'm not surprised by the talk about poor finishing quality.


Thankfully u got a more perfect unit..

Ofcos not all of them r with defects..

Just that the few units that I've viewed had many defects..
Even the laminated floor was obviously slanted.. asked the agent if that can be made perfect n he answered "NO"..
I own [email protected] highest floor, duplex ,as the furthest unit can see seaview from Singapore all the way to the ferry terminal the zon as my living room are all windows.
Im thinking of letting go as my grandparents still prefer terrace house..

Pm me your contact if you are interested, thanks.