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US Fed Funds Rate Hike is just Lipstick on a Pig, correct?


US Fed Funds Rate Hike is just Lipstick on a Pig, correct?

They say that it is going up "to curb inflation due to booming economy"... Me thinks this is a whole load of bull $hit.

The real reason is that they have sold so much debt that the trading price of their debt has fallen below the par value (meaning that the yield to maturity (YTM) has inflated/ increased) such that the inflated market place YTM forces US FED to increase the coupon (interest) rate to raise more $$$.

The only thing that has inflated is the garbage amount of USD debt, only matched in amount by the amount of garbage USD circulation resulting in an aversion to any currency/ debt related to the US FED internationally.

The hand of the USA FED is forced and it has NO CHOICE but to increase coupon rate to make every new debt issuance more attractive than the last to continue its corrupt , ponzi business as usual charade to fund ordinary gahmen operating expenses, its massive external trade deficit, trouble making activities across the world and an ever increasing internal security budget and welfare costs to prevent tipping over to another civil war (dis happens when everyone owns an M16 military assault weapon, is hungry and has a sick child at home).

The U.S. gahmen is as addicted to debt as a drug addict is addicted to his quick fix and will lie and steal just to afford another packet of weed (or whatever is his fix).

Thus, the U.S. gohmen is just cooking up an elaborate sounding FAKE NEWS that economy is booming and other bullsh!t c®app like "curb inflation due to awesome, booming economy" when all it actually wants is extra $$$ to spend on social welfare costs, operate its over flowing prisons, buying votes and sending its stupid army and aircraft carriers to cause trouble and start wars around the world (just so that they can increase sales of their military weapons production industry which makes up a substantial part of their economy).

In short, they are just running on unethical / ponzi / hostile economics and bulsh!tting everyone else just to raise more $$$ for their shenanigans and other un-diplomatic, unethical and morally bankrupt activities across the world.
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