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US Dollar Collapse 2017


The American economy has a lot of momentum, but the unhinged trade policies for President Donald Trump could trigger a U.S. dollar collapse in 2017. At first blush, the dollar seems to enjoy a lot of momentum. Renewed growth prospects emanating from Trumpian policies and higher interest rate expectations have provided a constant bid, buoying the U.S. Dollar Index to 14-year highs in early January.
If the US economy hit hyperinflation, the world will hit a depression. I hope US policy maker could have a good plan to avoid this prophecy.
US dollar collapse will be worse than the situation in Spain or Greece ... one he has claimed will end with the collapse of the dollar in 2017.


Let's just hope Trump's appointed economics czar knows what he's doing. With the current state of world economy, a US dollar collapse is not what we need. Gloom awaits the rest of the world should this happen.