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US ambassador requested China Communist Terrorist government to buy a big mirror for their own self reflection


Chinese govt is fuck..
Don't talk to them
The way they treat and abuse their own people is really appalling.

If they dominate the world , they will use the same brute way to dominate those around him.
Hey, that is Capitalism, but wait, they Communist right? :biggrin:
So, these Communist bastards can be trusted or not huh? :biggrin:

orh mee suah

Is the real Biden still alive? Also, Trump likes to say 反话, not the first time.

If the CCP sell, no need to ban and business as usual.

If refuse to sell, it proves without doubt the relationship the CCP has with TikTok. :cool:
If the move to ban TikTok is about potential CCP's influence and national security concerns, the US govt surveillance program PRISM comes to mind.

Facebook, Google, Microsoft, YouTube and Apple etc give the NSA direct access to its users’ information.