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UNRWA headquarter in Gaza provides electricity to hamas tunnel



The Israeli Defense Forces say they have discovered a tunnel network that runs partly under UNRWA's Gaza headquarters.

According to Reuters, the IDF says that this is evidence that Hamas has been exploiting the main relief agency for Palestinians amid the war.

Last month, Israel initially accused 12 U.N. Relief and Works Agency staffers of participating in the Oct. 7 massacre.

In response, multiple countries, including the United States, cut funding to UNRWA, at least temporarily.

The IDF reports that the tunnel is 700 metres long with side rooms and an office space.

“Everything is conducted from here," an IDF lieutenant-colonel said, according to Reuters. "All the energy for the tunnels, which you walked through them are powered from here."

"This is one of the central commands of the intelligence. This place is one of the Hamas intelligence units, where they commanded most of the combat," he also said about the tunnels.

UNRWA has been "unable to confirm or otherwise comment" on the Israeli finding.