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Uniquely Sinkie cunt Josephine asks for gift back from friend after 4 years.



Woman asks friend to return Airpods gift from 4 years ago as hers aren’t working​

Cashing in her friend-cheque four years later.
By Dhanya Vimalan - 19 Mar 2024, 10:05 am

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“Please return to me”: Woman asks friend to give back Airpods gift from four years ago​

A post on Complaint Singapore’s Facebook page featuring a conversation between “Jeff” and a “friend” about an Airpods gift has sparked a mixture of amusement and indignation among netizens.

The screenshot of the conversation showed Jeff’s friend, “Josephine”, asking him to return a pair of Apple Airpods that she had given him as a birthday gift four years ago.


Source: Facebook
She explained in the text that she wanted the gift back, as her Airpods were not working and she was in a tough financial spot.

Jeff, understandably, did not reply, which invited a more hostile response.

Woman asks to return birthday gift as “a small favour”​

On 15 March, Jeff posted Josephine’s initial messages on Complaint Singapore’s Facebook page, asking if anyone has encountered this before.

Josephine had started the conversation light-heartedly, asking how he was and that she hopes he was doing well.


Source: Facebook

She then proceeded to ask him for “a small favour”.

“Do you remember 4 years ago I brought for you Apple Airpods as birthday present? Can I get it back because mine spoiled already and I am not doing so well financially… can you please return to me?”

The initial post already evoked several humorous responses.

One commenter said: “Just reply: ‘I am sorry Jeffrey Tan Meng Lee is dead long ago, it was like 4 years ago. Everything were [sic] inside the coffin. Location 14b, 2314, Lim Chu Kang Road, Chinese cemetery.'”

Woman persists in her efforts to retrieve Airpods​

On Monday (18 March), Jeff followed up with another screenshot of his conversation with Josephine, after he failed to reply her initial messages.

Noticeably annoyed, she said: “Read message don’t want [sic] reply?” She also added that she was “not asking anything much”, just the Airpods.

Source: Facebook
Jeff replied, calling Josephine out for asking for a birthday gift back. He also said the Airpods she bought him have not been working for a while.
He then followed that up by with a sarcastic response, saying he is also not doing well financially with no proper job and income yet.

“4 years ago I buy makan for you that caifan (economy rice) cost [sic] $4 please paynow to me, thanks,” his message read.
Josephine then sends him a string of emojis, ending off with a vulgarity.

Netizens troll the woman’s request for Airpods gift​

Since the incident was posted on Facebook, many commenters have ridiculed Josephine’s request for wanting to take back a birthday present from that long ago.

Source: Facebook
Others defended Josephine, saying Jeff should have helped her as a “token of friendship”.
“Give back lah lah if she is in a bad financial state. Better still buy her a new one as a token of friendship,” one said.

Source: Facebook
However, most agreed the request was ridiculous, with some poking fun at the conversation with requests of their own.
“You remember I bought you a pair of Pandora earrings in 2021 September. Can you return me cause mine is tarnished.”


Source: Facebook
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Scrooball (clone)

Aiyo both cheebyes also canont make it la.

Josephine (the one who gave the gift) - Look I dont know of many young people who are generous enough to gift AirPods which cost like a couple hundreds to their friends for their bdays. It's usually some split meal treat or buy u a lousy keychain nonsense. But she's also crazy enough to expect the return of a gift.... after 4 years!

The friend (who received the gift) - I have to say this friend is quite a lousy cunt too. What's wrong with replying properly and saying "sorry the AirPods are spoilt" and leave it as that?


Lol,maybe she gift ipod as gift cos the guy screwed her for years, she paisei so gifted zhe guy with ipod, but now want ask back, the guy can charge her feeding her sperms ,lol


If this Jo is not doing well financially, she can always turn to selling her pussy. Just fuck one client is enough to pay for the Airpod pro 2, plus some loose change to buy her favorite bubble tea.


If this Jo is not doing well financially, she can always turn to selling her pussy. Just fuck one client is enough to pay for the Airpod pro 2, plus some loose change to buy her favorite bubble tea.
Which Jo hah?


this kind of people quite common. someone "gave" me a spoilt backpack but after i fixed it he wants it back. :rolleyes: