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UK previously deported Muslim migrant rapist brutally beats, rapes 66-year-old London woman



A migrant from Uganda has been handed a life sentence for brutally beating and raping a pensioner in London, despite previously losing his right to remain in the country after a 2008 rape.

In yet another failure of the UK government to deport a dangerous foreigner, Ramazan Mukalazi, 40, has been convicted of a “ferocious” sex attack against a 66-year-old woman in Hounslow last year after consuming alcohol and cannabis, Sky News reports.

The attack came despite the Ugandan-born migrant previously losing his right to remain in Britain after raping a 21-year-old woman while she was on her way home after a night out in central London in 2008.

After serving a little over ten years in prison, Mukalazi was released on licence in September 2018. However, he was later recalled to prison in 2019 for demonstrating “risky behaviour” towards women at a nightclub the following year. Yet, he was later transferred to an immigration detention centre before being released on immigration bail in 2021.

Despite his first rape conviction revoking his right to remain in the country and a judge recommending that he be deported, the Ugandan migrant was free to roam the streets of London and once again sexually preyed upon a woman last year……


UK prison is still better than Free Uganda ...

This guy had made a calculated move.

Race and IQ