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Uganda: Muslim Convert Threatened for Accepting Christ



Dembe, a resident of Kasese, made a significant decision last December to leave Islam and embrace Christianity. This transformation was met with hostility and threats from his former associates until he was baptized on March 17.

“I began to question my faith and the teachings of the Quran in June of last year, particularly after the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) incursion into Uganda, resulting in the tragic deaths of over 40 innocent students,” Dembe shared. “Additionally, I realized I had been reciting the Quran without understanding its meaning. Radio broadcasts on Christianity deepened my understanding of God compared to the Arabic language, which I couldn’t comprehend.”

A local reverend highlighted Dembe’s challenging journey since embracing Christianity. “Dembe, having been entrenched in the Muslim faith for years, felt compelled to explore other spiritual paths, eventually finding comfort in Christianity,” he said. “Despite the anticipated backlash from the Muslim community, Dembe bravely followed his heart, forsaking his former religion. Despite the threats, Dembe believes in the steadfast support of Jesus.”

Upon learning of Dembe’s conversion, his former colleagues reacted with outrage, interpreting his departure as a betrayal and a challenge to their unity. They have threatened to evict him from the land they had previously gifted him, claiming he no longer has rights to it.

Another area church leader urged Dembe to stand firm in his faith despite mounting pressure and threats. He encouraged him to face adversity with grace and dignity, refusing to be swayed by fear or intimidation.

“We thank God for guiding Dembe’s journey, especially considering his significant role as the financial controller of numerous mosques in Kasese and other districts,” the church leader said. “To those threatening him, I say, have faith in the protection of the Lord. Dembe is under divine care.”

*Names have been changed or withheld for security reasons.