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Two women, one man arrested after fight breaks out at Paya Lebar Square


SINGAPORE — Two women and a man were arrested after a fight broke out at Paya Lebar Square on Sunday (10 December) evening. Videos that allegedly captured the incident were posted on social media on Monday.

In response to queries, the Singapore Police Force told Yahoo Southeast Asia that it was alerted to the fight at about 5.45pm on Sunday. It added that two women, aged 40 and 45, and a 26-year-old man were arrested for affray, and that investigations are ongoing.

What did the online videos show?
Five videos of the alleged fight were posted on the Facebook group Complaint Singapore on Monday.

Two videos appear to show two women confronting a man, before being held back by other women. Each of the two women took turns to push the man, before he swung a water bottle at one of them twice, appearing to hit her on the head.

The man was later seen walking away, before the other lady grabbed him on his shoulders. He was seen on video allegedly pushing her to the ground, before she was helped up by passersby.

The woman who was hit by the bottle was then seen chasing after the man, while the second woman was held back by another lady.

Another video showed the man pinned to the ground by a group of people inside Paya Lebar MRT station, where a large crowd had gathered.




Once again gag order and their names cannot be mentioned as it will bring shame to their employers….


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