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Chitchat Trump Kim Summit June 12th Singapore.


Old Timer
Protest.... peaceful and loving Asia dont want tyrant and destructive white trash evil Pommies on their soil....

Hope Indonesia volcano erupted to disrupted evil America to dirty Asia soil has...


Old Timer
Nothing historic of evil America to meet peaceful loving NK....

It was war loser US cannot win thisxKorean war which Korean was backed by Chinese army.

And loser US back off and shamefully divide korea in half in 38 Parallel.

Fat beer belly lazy angmoh cant fight in war. It was Indian army that fight for BE in WW1 and WW2 and 1800s.



Old Timer
There is a saying dont bend to strong man....

Nothing to talks to a evil race people..... only fight to last man standing with evil...

Jesus said: Bad tree grows bad fruits... Luke 6:43

Bad fruit will contaminate Singapore soil...


Alfrescian (InfP) + S-Mod
Old Timer
All leave cancel for SPF and Mindef. Damn.
US handled security when Obama was here, don't see why they would trust SPF this time round. Ang Mohs are the best!

As for Kim, I'm not sure he'll trust his life with Pinky.

So there you have it. Security services from both countries poking into your system freely, knowing your vulnerabilities from inside out. How assuring, isn't it? :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: