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travel pics quiz thread


Alfrescian (Inf)
i remember that delicacy. on the way down to town by foot, got stuck in a religious procession. the town is a pilgrimage town of sorts. but mostly old folks. young folks find work in lisboa and seldom return.
Wow, religious procession. that is fantastic.
Sintra is a nice place to retire, not too far from the city.

My fav chinmeys



Alfrescian (Inf)
of all the scenic places in europe, taormina impresses me the most. i was organizing a summit for my european colleagues there, and the hotel put me up in the best room overlooking mt etna and the coast with a veranda. the first morning when i woke up, there was breakfast ready on the table at the veranda, all to myself. the sun, the breeze, the panoramic beauty and awesomeness of mount etna and the coastal town. unforgettable. :biggrin: