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TOTO draw - was once honestly done

Discussion in 'Sports/Games/Hobbies' started by jurongeer, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. jurongeer

    jurongeer Alfrescian Old Timer

    Oct 7, 2008
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    I remember when I was still a student living in Malaysia, in some of the afternoons when I was back from school and switched on the tv, I saw Toto draw being shown on tv (I dont know if that was a live telecast or not, I was only a primary school student then).

    Here's how the Draw was done.

    1) One man will open up a ball and show the number, then close the ball and put into a round cage. (One by one, from No.1 to No.40 or 45 OR 35? i cant remember (anyway thats not d point)

    2) After all balls in, the door on the cage is closed and the handle attached to the cage is rotated.

    3) One audience will come up to stage and put his hand into the cage and pick up/out one ball. The ball is then opened up and the No. shown

    4) No. 3 above is repeated (different audience for each pick of balls)

    So, there is no way the drawn Numbers can be fixed as OPPOSED to CURRENT practice of drawing/picking the balls in Singapore.(which is controlled by machine, hence people can reasonably suspect that the weight of balls can be tampered, and the audience never do anything meaningfull by going up the stage to OPEN the ball because he DID NOT do the SELECTION of the ball. The KEY to possible cheating is WHO PICK THE WINNING BALLS, is it audience or banker)

    So, if Sg Pools wants to avoid any suspicion, they should change to the method that I saw on tv (in Msia) as mentioned above, so that I will start buying toto in Singapore. (btw, the Msia Toto jackpot has reached 20 million $$$, do you know? So, I am going over NOW and if you like my posting, pls wish me luck.

    tata, zoom.......... .
  2. Baimi

    Baimi Alfrescian (Inf)

    Jul 14, 2008
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    Now still the same, but not telecast 'live'
    Public are invited to be witnesses at the
    SG pools, @ 6.30pm. Got gift some more.

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