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Chitchat Tiongland Music Festival Kenna Mass Thefs by Local Villagers, CCP Officials Claim They Pick Up Mistakenly!






Mass theft at Henan Music Festival: Officials claim villagers picked it up by mistake, netizens angrily criticize and blame others
China News Group/Beijing 6th 2023-10-06 02:29 ET
Villagers "robberyed" the Henan Music Festival camping area. Officials said that netizens lied about clearing the venue and the rumor mongers have been arrested.
A large number of property thefts occurred at the Midi Music Festival in Nanyang, Henan Province recently. Music fans accused local villagers of collective theft and committing crimes, not only stealing tent belongings but also underwear. The music festival official issued a notice last night to apologize, saying that it was because two netizens posted false information that "the venue must be cleared after the event" that it triggered villagers to "pick up"; however, the notice also stated that the police had completed 65 cases of theft, but No mention of accountability. The report aroused dissatisfaction among netizens, who angrily criticized the government for exonerating villagers who openly stole by blaming the rumormongers. "Does China still have royal laws?"

The four-day "2023 Central Plains Midi Music Festival" concluded on the 2nd. On the 3rd, it was reported that a large amount of property was stolen from music fans who were camping in the camping area. At one time, nearly 100 music fans reported that they were "searched" by local villagers on wheelbarrows. The stolen items included mobile phones, tablets, etc., and the number of lost items was It ranges from a thousand to tens of thousands of RMB. The news caused an uproar in the public opinion. Local villagers were accused of blatant theft, which attracted criticism from all walks of life. It also caused Henan people to be denounced as "regional gangsters".

According to The Paper, the Wolong District Headquarters of the 2023 Central Plains Midi Music Festival issued a notice yesterday stating that fans reported that items were lost and stolen before and after the Midi Music Festival closed. "We feel the same and deeply apologize for this."

At the same time, the police have conducted project investigations and have currently criminally detained Chen, who published false information about "there are many tents, who needs to come and get them" and incited to mislead the villagers; Zhang, who published the rumor that "the cable as thick as a bowl has been stolen" has been criminally detained A certain person (weibo username "Old Talk") investigated according to law. It also stated that it would reserve the right to pursue legal responsibility for the behavior of individual organizations that deliberately amplify and smear Nanyang and Midi through the Internet, and even spend money to purchase trending searches to fan the flames.

So far, the local police have received a total of 73 reports and implemented 65 theft cases. Some thieves have been arrested and detained, and some property has been recovered. According to the registration status of music fans, 79 ID cards, 3 computers, and 17 mobile phones have been returned. The headquarters will continue to strengthen the search and recovery efforts. Some caring companies and individuals in Nanyang have offered to compensate damaged music fans, and irrecoverable losses will be made up after verification. In order to give back to the music fans, you can visit Wollongong Cultural Park and Chinese Rose Garden for free within a year with the music festival ticket purchase information.

According to upstream news reports, the local town government said that theft was only a very rare case, and the number of missing items was not as many as reported online. Most villagers mistakenly picked up the items because they thought they were discarded, and they were calling on villagers to hand in the items they picked up. The local Huangshan Village Committee cadre said that most villagers mistakenly thought that they did not want the things after the music festival, so they went in to pick them up and reuse them. It was impossible to steal collectively. The items currently handed over are mainly boots, mats, chairs, raincoats, drinks, etc.

In response to the Nanyang official notification, a large number of netizens angrily criticized, "The items to be handed over are mainly boots, raincoats, and drinks. If valuable property is stolen, will they hand it over themselves?" "This is theft, so why are they called for handing it over?" This needs to be dealt with directly." "This is clearly blaming the rumor mongers." "Is it okay to steal just because someone spreads rumors? The thieves should be held accountable." "The official is blatantly helping villagers get off the hook. It's really eye-opening." "China Is there any royal law?"
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