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Tiong buyers pay top price and 60% ABSD at New Futura, Yong An Park


ABSD 60% or 600% doesn't matter, just leave the HDB alone.
Its time to stop PR from buying resale flats, only Citizen can purchase.
Convert into Citizen, then they can either buy Resale or apply new BTO
HDB resale market should not follow commercial property standard
Since all HDB flats will be worth 'Zero' at the 99th Year.
The prices of all flats should be yearly depreciating until zero value.
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Wealth Management has always been the dream of the wealthy, whom many obtained thru honest hardwork & biz acumen, as well as many thru other means which only can be justified as elevating love ones, even at the expense of others....

Singapore is only a mere red dot on the World's map, disregarded by many foolish others decades ago that it will not survive, but thanks to our visionary hardworking forefathers & Founding Fathers, it had became a spot where all critical World trade from the compass meets, & with security, Rule of Law, attracted many realistic individuals whom had succeeded in life to come here, or to invest here, especially in our limited space which is a guarantee of better ROI than in the vast lands & hinterlands of other nations such as neighboring countries & even New York.

However, may those same visionary businessmen & their necessary & only common accountants & legal team whom helped & achieve success, be FAR MORE farsighted that Singapore wealth & opportunities lay NOT in just position in the globe or scarce land space alone. Many, if not most citizens, are educated in academia or tech specialization of which by our Founding Fathers legacy to leave none behind, as well as supported by true talents Worldwide that are vetted, and then allowed to remain in Singapore, for progress & evolution of not just citizens, PRs but Humankind as well.

Singapore has NO wish to rule a dying unstable planet, running out of resources, climate change, stupid political in-fighting over mere scraps of lands, impeding the honest rich & their families, etc. We Singaporeans are FAR MORE AMBITIOUS than that... It is the UNIVERSE that we seek for, a promise made eons ago to fulfill Humanity's destiny - to the vast resources of the Stars...

In order to achieve such aims, it will need investments, jobs creation, funds for research & applications in the real world, & certainly ROI, as no investor is philanthropist for sure. When the US Space Shuttle program was initiated, many if not most balked at the funds needed. But eventually, thru scientific research, it led to huge advancements in science, to heat shielding panels to even microwave ovens most households own today, turning into high ROI for investors just alone for the Shuttle program.

Such dreams are but only dreams today, but many whom are farsighted had made dreams became realities today, for the progress & evolution of Humankind. Singaporeans had been proven to be cautious & pragmatic. To achieve dreams, it will not & NEVER be overnight. Some. like our brave forefathers, may not even see it in their lifetime. It will take time, patience & sacrifices, as Singaporeans, descendants our our courageous & dedicated forefathers & Founding Fathers had proven.

Ultimately, wealth management is about providing financial aid not just to oneself but to loved ones when one leaves the planet into another dimension.

What more better than a promise of a painstakingly worked out future by proven Singapore leaders, to citizens & their loved ones - of progress & evolution, egalitarian ideals proven time & time again to be successful. & thru scientific evidences that our destiny lays not on a dying planet, but the resources of the Universe which is vast & unlimited, let alone the scientific advances & ROI we will make even before lifting off to space?...
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