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Tiong Businesses flood Russia After Western Sanctions


Alfrescian (Inf)
These tiong businesses are just a front to hide the real business behind which is arms sales to Putin.


In addition the russkies will turn on the cinas soon...they will get jealous n they always see cina as inferiority


Though China supports Russia, it won't let it occupy its niches on the market. It seems that now Russia can sell stuff only to Russians inside the country if it produces something though.


Hope it will get worse for them. None of the international businesses should stay in russia, unless they want to openly support a terror attacks on civil citizens.
The whole thing is just ridiculous and i have no idea how anyone can still consider dealing with the terrorist country and making money on that.
Let's do our best and be on the right side of that and here CarToDonate is one way of doing it.
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