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Time of the year...


.... where Pagans celebrate their Gods before the tough winter season come and winter solstice which the shortest day of the year is on 26 Dec.

And Christan religion joined other Pagan God believers choose this time of the year to celebrate their Gods in the north hemsphere region.

Who wrote the story of a high priest named Jesus who was hanged by the Romans Empire regime?

Josephus, a native Jew tribe king, finds that a high priest named Jesus tried to use Prophet Isiah 52 prediction to topple the Romans Empire and wrote about him.

That priest failed miserably to extinct the Romans Empire on the Sabbath day believing the Prophet Isiah prediction that the Jewish God Yahweh will descend from heaven to established HIS kingdom of God to reign over Judea. If all good and ends well, all Romans soldiers and the Roman administraions will be destroyed and die miserably leaving the Poor Jews believers, the high Priest and his gang and groups of siow lang kia alive.

A very political story of destroy a regime than a religious one, harmless.

Like a group of siow kia Christians in Singapore using prophet prediction to get rid of PAP warning Pinky and his PAP will be destroyed on Sabbath day by their God Yehweh.

Like that also can meh?

If also can do then Buddha and Shiva can also get rid of their goverment usibg scriptures predictions.