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Three young sisters found dead, mother arrested



Three young sisters found dead, mother arrested​

2023-06-05 HKT 17:21

Three young sisters found dead, mother arrested

Three young sisters, aged two, four, and five, were found dead in a flat in Sham Shui Po on Monday morning, with police arresting the girls’ mother, 29, on suspicion of murder.

The children appeared to have been suffocated, the force said.

Superintendent Alan Chung said officers went to a unit in Kweilin Street, after receiving a report at around 11am, and found the girls' bodies on a bed.

“The mother was living in this subdivided flat in this building with her three daughters. Nothing suggests they had any bad relationship at all,” Chung said.

“As to evidence, we have seized a number of pillows as well as some bed sheets.”

Chung said officers had located the girls’ father, adding that it’s believed he had not been in contact with the children for some time.

Meanwhile, the Social Welfare Department said the family had been in touch with a service centre operated by an NGO.

syed putra

Stress and strain of bringing up kids. She see no future for them. Maybe the next life will be more considerate.


Very obvious the 3 girl's father had absconded. Mother didn't want the girls to suffer in this world...
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Sham shui po is the slumiest part of HK
Yeah, my hood last time. Used to go to the shopping complex that sells all the fake Apple computers and pirated software and games. Got a lot of stuff from there. The street food there is not bad, as good as Wanchai.