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This is One of the Reasons Why I Refuse to Fly with SIA


Totally penny pinching, incompetent yes man bureaucrats run the organisation.
Another instance was their refusal to ground A380s when they found a significant problem. They had to, when Qantas grounded theirs.

At the end of the video, the final report blamed the crew and absolved the organisation from any blame.

How many SIA planes have crashed? You tell me.

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Alfrescian (Inf)
Don't forget to boycott Scoot, a subsidiary of SIA.

Use Jetstar and AirAsia for your budget flights wherever possible.

Of course, if you need to fly SIA to accumulate reward points and use their fancy airport lounge, or screw a particular SQ stewardess during a flight, then that can't be helped. :biggrin:

Scrooball (clone)

U bunch of self righteous cunts talk like u are some big shot flying frequently. Pls la take your Bangkok trip business to some cheap airlines la. Haha


U bunch of self righteous cunts talk like u are some big shot flying frequently. Pls la take your Bangkok trip business to some cheap airlines la. Haha
Doesn't matter if I would just fly once in a while. You don't give your money to a shitty company that is not interested in your safety and well-being.
I assume you fly often, hopefully you'll strike lucky with one of your flights with SIA.


i already banned SIA when your beloved Death Minister OYK said this

Singapore Airlines hopes to be world’s first fully-vaccinated airline​

Lilit Marcus
By Lilit Marcus, CNN
2 minute read
Updated 8:22 AM EST, Tue January 19, 2021

4. Singapore Airlines

Courtesy AirlingRatings.com
Singapore’s national carrier is hoping to become the world’s first airline to get all of its crew members vaccinated against Covid-19.
Singapore Airlines (SIA) confirmed to CNN Travel that all of their crew members – including pilots, gate agents, flight attendants and anyone whose job requires contact with the public – have been offered free coronavirus vaccines by the Singaporean government.


The country has purchased the Pfizer vaccine, which requires two shots.
“We are grateful to the Singapore government for making the aviation sector a priority in the country’s vaccination exercise,” the airline’s CEO, Goh Choon Phong, said in a statement that was emailed out to the whole company on January 18.
“This reflects the sector’s importance, and the crucial role we play in both Singapore’s economic recovery and the fight against the pandemic.”
Singapore introduces 'cruises to nowhere' for travel-starved locals
According to the airline, 5,200 SIA employees have already signed up to get their shots. Inoculations will begin in a few days.

Phong, alongside Singapore’s transport minister Ong Ye Kung, was among the city-state’s first citizens to get vaccinated. He has received the first of his two shots, and reports that “the procedure was painless and fuss-free.”
Once vaccinated, crew members will be subject to less scrutiny and fewer coronavirus-related security measures. For example, flight crew who are currently tested on the seventh day after their return to Singapore will be exempt from this test going forward.
What's happening at Singapore's Changi Airport during Covid
Singapore’s response to the pandemic has been largely successful due to border closures and a national contract-tracing app. The country has had 59,113 confirmed cases of the virus and only 29 deaths, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.
Still, citizens of the city-state have expressed an interest in being able to travel again. A much-hyped “travel bubble” with Hong Kong was indefinitely postponed in December when Hong Kong had a spike in virus cases.
The annual Henley Passport Index placed Singapore second in the world – just one point behind nearby Japan – for passport power. Singaporeans can enter 190 countries or territories around the world without needing a visa.
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