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Theft at Da Jie Wanton Mee Stall


A theft incident happened at Da Jie Wanton Mee stall, location Sam Leong Road some years ago. An ex-employee, name Kwa Geok Leng, was caught stealing money from the daily sales at the stall. This theft had been going on for 8 straight years, though the owner knew about the theft, she did not make a report.
Leng started steaing cents, $2, $5,.....$10 and working up to $50. Conservative estimation that over 8 years, Leng had stolen > $20,000.
Leng started to change new hp very frequently, bought branded items, clothes,......her husband bought a new car. Upgraded to 4 room HDB from 3 room.
The owner said the reason was that all the new staff working then, were harassed and bullied by Leng and resigned after working for a short period. If the owner had fired Leng, there would be no worker to man the stall.
Leng was bossing around and claimed to customers that she was the owner of the stall.
Only after the husband of the owner retired and came to help her, that Leng was eventually fired.



Below is words from the owner of Da Jie Wanton Mee stall, from the horse mouth:

I never knew Chye is like this. The way you describe Chye, is exactly how and what Ling is. OMG! It in the blood or what! Chye was the one who recommended Ling to work for me. At that time, I was still quite new in the business, struggling with employing workers. Always kena sabo by neighbouring stalls holders. They didn't like me because my business was good and it affected their business. So they tried every way possible to provoke or sow discord with anyone I employed. So when I was unable to find a new staff, I told Chye, who was my regular customer at that time that I was giving up my business at the end of the month. Chye suggested for me to try Ling out, who at that time was a housewife looking for a job. That was how Ling started working for me. Ling was the only staff that was able to withstand all the discord sowing. I remember once, the Hokkien mee lady boss told Ling not to work so much or her husband will go have an affair or keep a mistress. Ling turn around and told her, "Go la! He got no money, see who wants him!" And she turn around and walk away. Ling could read her intention like a book. She started stealing from coins first which I only realised after about a year. She would come to the stall earlier than me every morning to clear this bowl inside the show cupboard, of the coins she hid. All $1 or 50cents. I found this bowl of coins when I was cleaning and wiping the cupboard one day. More than $10. I was so shock but kept my calm, cleared the bowl and pretended like nothing had happened. Ling saw, and was quite nervous that I would confront her. I used to go to the Kwan yim temple at waterloo st every morning before work. So at a lost of how and what to do, I asked for a chiam, which told me to pretend like nothing had happen. Time was not ripe for me to get rid of her. If I had gotten rid of her at that time, it would have been the end of my business. So I pretended like nothing had happen and started employing new workers to train so that I could get rid of her. But every new worker that came, she would bully them until they resign. She started stealing from coins to notes. She would hid $2, $5, $10 under plates, table cloths etc.. she was changing handphones every 6 months, she had all the latest hp in the market. Her husband was riding an old motorbike when she came to work for me. Soon her husband bought a lorry, a car, changed from 3 room flat to 4 rooms. Her second son always jobless also can buy new bike! 8 years of stealing and I was helpless. She was so bossy at work, commanding everyone, scolding everyone like she was the boss. Every customers thought that she was the boss because when customers call 大姐, 老板娘 she would reply, "what you want?" Never once she said she wasn't 大姐 or 老板娘. I was known as the China lady she employed to scald noodles. My stall was practically hers. My money box was also hers. She would guard it like a dog. I spoke to her many times about her attitude towards fellow co-workers and her unreasonable behaviour, but she would go" where got! where got! " with a very arrogant attitude. I was so fed up with her, I just take whatever is in the money box after business hours and head home, leave all the cleaning to her and 2 other workers. No eyes see! For 8 years like that until she started stealing in the hundreds, she was buying branded bags, omg! I don't even buy brands! My husband retired at that time, so I made him go to work with me. I had a show down at work when she arrived in the morning, there were already a few customers in the shop. But I didn't give a damn. I blew my top! I lost control of the emotions I kept in me over the 8 years. She had a terrible shock and was shaking all over. I shouted at her, "I told you! I warned you! Don't take me for a sick cat!" She has never witnessed this side of me. Very few people had. The devil took over! lol..Everything she did, it came out in the open in front of all the customers. If she didn't run for her life, I would have beaten her up badly. I lost it man! So, that is my story.

Unquote. Da Jie Wanton Mee is famous and popular. Business is so good that the owner would have sold the day's quota by 2pm.


Leng and her sister Chye still stubbornly deny the theft was committed by Leng. Their tactics are:
1) Persistently deny and keep denying even when face with evidence to the contrary.
2) To accuse people who bring up and talk about their wrong doings as "racism" and looking down on them.
Chye was also a thief in her younger days, which she denies to these days.