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Teo Hong Wei who had over 5,000 compromising photos of naked men pleads guilty to voyeurism


Teo Hong Wei who had over 5,000 compromising photos of naked men pleads guilty to voyeurism
In a disturbing case that has shaken Singapore, Teo Hong Wei, a 27-year-old man, has admitted to a series of voyeuristic acts that violated the most private boundaries of his victims.
Teo’s actions, involving the covert filming and photographing of men showering or relieving themselves in restrooms, occurred within the confines of a camp for Singapore Armed Forces commandos and a prominent Singaporean university.
Teo’s intrusive activities came to light when one of his victims, a 24-year-old university student, noticed Teo’s mobile phone camera lens pointed at him from above a cubicle door.
The quick thinking and courage of this victim led to the revelation of Teo’s disturbing actions.
Upon further investigation, a search of his mobile phone yielded a staggering 5,365 photos and 72 videos capturing men during their private moments while showering and using urinals or toilet cubicles. Additionally, his laptop contained 187 similar photographs and 16 videos.
These victims included students from Singapore Management University and Teo’s former comrades at Hendon Camp, where he had completed his national service.
Teo’s actions were carried out with meticulous planning. As a full-time national serviceman at the time, he entered male restrooms to film and photograph unsuspecting men while they were at their most vulnerable, typically during showers.
Teo’s method was consistent; he would position his mobile phone above the cubicle door to capture the male victims. On some occasions, his actions reached a horrifying peak, with Teo taking a staggering 1,683 burst shots of a single victim during a single incident.
Teo’s lawyer, Joyce Khoo, has revealed that her client was suffering from a mental condition when he committed these offenses. However, the specific condition has not been disclosed. It is emphasized that Teo is actively seeking help for his mental health and has taken full responsibility for his actions.
“He did make mistakes and he is taking full responsibility for his actions,” said Khoo.
Teo has pleaded guilty to five charges of voyeurism, with an additional six charges of a similar nature, including one for possessing obscene material, to be taken into account during his sentencing. In Singapore, the offense of voyeurism can result in a jail term of up to two years, a fine, or caning.
Teo’s lawyer has urged the court to assess her client’s suitability for a mandatory treatment order, which would require Teo to undergo psychiatric treatment instead of serving a jail term. Deputy Public Prosecutor Grace Chua did not object to this report, leaving the sentencing position open.
District Judge Carol Ling has ordered the suitability report and adjourned the case until Jan. 8. This decision reflects a growing acknowledgment of the importance of addressing underlying mental health issues in cases of criminal behavior.

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