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Teega AGM, this Sunday, April 22nd,...Any Issues ?


How's the situation in Teega ?
Everyone Happy ?

I hope Teega doesn't end up like Ujana,...

Ujana MC Performance,

  1. Appoint MA without Tender, but simply transferred from CBM – to Staff – then to Company with no known background, references

  2. Steals contacts from Owner's original WA Chat Group & Starts another. Selective Bias inclusion of members, including non-Owners, Tenants such as Rxxx’. MA-Eve Choong was Hesistant to put in the Sxxxxxx’ (as they were the victims of unit Break-in) , citing admin, double-checking reasons. Pretends to work, but not

  3. I gave Feedback on GF Men’s Toilet defective Urinal Valve. Management said, “OK, will fix”, but not done.

  4. Chairman asks Owner to write in with suggestions on Security Guard Memo,..but MA doesn’t reply. And when reminders sent, MA just replied, Noted. Nothing Done. No explainations given

  5. Owner’s Letters to Chairman, He doesn’t bother to reply, but instead threaten to sue Owner,..

  6. Deceptive. Owner brings up issues. MA removes Owner from WA Chat Group. When Owner pressed Secretary to interviene at meeting on Dec.7th,..later Secretary said, “oh, it’s personal issue” . Not Honest to reply to the point but find reasons to escape

  7. MC Non-payment of Staff Bonus to ex-Staff, despite having this minuted in the 2017-AGM

8. 2018,Feb.1st, 21st Floor Common Area Lift Lobby partially painted in Blue. Why was
Owners not consulted in these colour change ? Does the MA have the right to unilaterally paint the common area, with different colour

9. ...etc.,...

MA, comprising of Wife + Husband and Child,...now becomes TENANTS of Ujana, engaging in other private Business, using Ujana Funds.

The reason for my post here, is so that Teega can AVOID the Ujana mistakes.

I need Help with Lawyer, and Forensic Accountants.

Help !!!!


2018,April 23rd, Ujana Condition

I arrived Ujana at 09.45am, this morning.

1. Card Access Spoilt

2. Car Park Barrier Spoilt

3. Bomba Lift Spoilt

4. Centre Passenger Lift Ceiling Light, missing

I entered the Office, to seek assistancefrom Staff, Siti.

Again, Staff advised of “Eve not feeling well”, …”staying upstairs”.

…for the Record, and to those who can help me, please forward this Statement of Facts to the Main Ujana Chat Group.


1. What caused all these defects, recurring again ?

2. Why is the MC,MA Still Avoiding the rectification of the Lightning Arrestor System (outstanding sine year 2013)

3. Why is Eve Choong Lai Sim, always missing from the MA Office, “sick”, “Bank”, “Appointment”, “Mild Stroke”, “Miscarriage”,…the list of reasons continues,…


The situation I see now, is that it is actually Lawrence Tan Wee Kiat (LT), who is the servant to Eve,..the MC Chairman, working whilst the MA-Eve Choong Lai Sim, continues to hide inside one Ujana unit as Tenant, whilst managing her many other private businessess - and collecting a at Salary of MYR 4,500/-pm (..and more, due to "overtime", servicing LT)

Teega will eventually experiene similar problems,...Please Learn rom the Ujana eXperience.