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Teacher who resigned after her OnlyFans page was discovered says new employer fired her for violating social media policy



Teacher who resigned after her OnlyFans page was discovered says new employer fired her for violating social media policy​


By First Alert 4 Staff
Published: Mar. 19, 2024 at 6:50 AM GMT+8

ST. LOUIS (First Alert 4/Gray News) - A former teacher at a high school in St. Louis who resigned after her OnlyFans page was reported to district officials has been fired after just days on a new job.

Brianna Coppage was a teacher for five years, spending two at St. Clair High School. She was put on leave in October 2023 after it was discovered that she was using OnlyFans to supplement her teaching salary.

After her OnlyFans became public, Coppage told KMOV that she made $1 million on the platform. Her yearly teaching salary was $42,000, she said at the time.

After leaving the district, Coppage told KMOV that she struggled to find her purpose.

“Not having to get up and go to a 9-to-5 has been tough on my mental health,” Coppage said.

Coppage said she got a job with Compass Health as a community support specialist. She told KMOV she gave the company her previous employment history and the correct information when she applied, but she was fired after only days in the office.

“I lasted five days before they put me on leave and subsequently fired me just this month,” said Coppage. “They admitted that they didn’t call my references or Google me before they hired me. They claim that I violated their social media policy, but will not respond to me with how I violated it.”


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