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Take helicopter to school. 可以吗?



Cops to file CAAM report over alleged heli ride to school​

A Shah Alam resident captured footage of the chopper dropping off a child before taking off from a field.

Lynelle Tham - 13 Jun 2023, 2:22pm

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A Shah Alam resident captured footage of the chopper dropping off a child before taking off from a field.

PETALING JAYA: Police will lodge a report with the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM) after a helicopter was seen landing in a field in Shah Alam, purportedly to send a child to school.

Shah Alam police chief Iqbal Ibrahim said he will leave it to the CAAM to investigate whether the operator of the helicopter possessed a valid permit when it landed in the residential area on April 17.

“We have not received any report regarding this incident,” he told FMT.

A resident had shared with FMT a one-minute video of the helicopter taking off from the field near the Shah Alam residential area. A photo also showed a child walking away from the helicopter with the pilot standing by the aircraft.

The resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said the child later entered the back gate of a school down the street.

He claimed that this was the second time the helicopter had landed there, with the first time not captured by residents.

“On May 5, I raised the matter with the school via Facebook, not only to report the helicopter issue but also to raise concerns about parents parking their cars along the roads in our neighborhood,” he said.

The resident said the helicopter has not been sighted since the school was notified about the issue.

FMT has reached out to the CAAM and the transport ministry for comment.