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Taiwanese Celebrities Threaten Me To Kill Japanese Emperor & Bomb Japan


I am in very serious danger and I need all your helps, protections and advices very urgently!
I am an Australian Male now living in a hotel in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan.

For the last few days, Taiwanese Female Celebrities, Hong Kong Chinese Female Celebrities, China Chinese Female Celebrities, Taiwanese & Hong Kong Politicians and Tibetan Monks have assaulted me while I was sleeping, tortured me with knives and fire and inserted planted multiple nuclear bombs in my body.

These Taiwanese/Chinese/Hong Kong Celebrities Teleported into my locked Hotel Room and used Super-Powers to Assault and Torture me. They tore apart my body, putting me in such great shock and pain that I can't scream and put small nuclear bombs in the holes in my body and then healing my body again.

They then ordered threatened me to murder kill the Japanese Emperor by bombing the Japanese Imperial Palace to nuke explode the entire Japan thus causing Fukushima 2 nuclear bomb disaster in Tokyo, capital of Japan, to send Tsunami sea waves to destroy the entire Japan again.

I reported this act of terrorism to the Japanese Police on multiple occasions and I even showed them my wounds scars but they refuse to believe my confessions of Taiwanese/Chinese/Hong Kong Terrorism. They then called the Australian Embassy Officers in Tokyo to speak to me but the Australian Embassy Officers also refuse to obey my confessions.

I am afraid that the bombs in my body might nuclear explode anytime soon and I experience all manner of painful energetic disorientating disruptions all over my body.

What can I do to make anyone in the governments and the police to believe that the Taiwanese/Hong Kong/China Chinese/Tibetan celebrities have attacked me, tortured me, inserted planted multiple nuclear bombs in my body and threaten force me to Kill Murder the Japanese Emperor, the Japanese Imperial Palace and the entire Japan?

Please Help Me!


Alfrescian (Inf)
too late. the diet has approved the abdication of the emperor. all stuff inserted into your bodily cavities are in vain. go to tokyo bay and jump.