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Taiwan PR


You will need NT$5,000,000 or SGD$220,000 to apply for PR in Taiwan.


Anyone applying for permanent residency under circumstances other than the ones states in the preceding subparagraph shall meet one of the following conditions.

a. Having earned an average monthly income in Taiwan for the past one year that is twice as much as the Monthly Minimum Wage promulgated by the Council of Labor Affairs.

b. Having movable or immovable property in Taiwan with a total estimated value of over NT$5,000,000.

c. Having a certificate issued by the ROC government certifying that its holder is a professional or technician or has passed a technical examination.

d. Other conditions as approved by the NIA.

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Average salary, Nationwide NT$37,771
Average salary, Taiwan Power Company (Taipower) NT$66,740
Average salary, Hospitality, Food and Beverage industry NT$27,345
Average salary, car washes, dry cleaners and funeral parlors NT$29,046

Fresh Graduate NT$25,175
Average Starting Salary in the Financial industry NT$29,768
Average Starting Salary in the Electricity and Gas supply industry NT$28,982

For master's degrees holders
Starting Salary, Financial industry NT$35,046
Starting Salary, Electricity and Gas supply industry industry NT$35,055


A special category, Plum Blossom, has been created for Senior Professionals and Investment Immigrants.

You will need ONE of the following to qualify:

1. Special contribution to Taiwan, or
2. Senior professionals needed in Taiwan in selected fields, or
3. Having won the first place of an internationally recognized contest, or
4. Investment immigrants with at least NT$15 million (about SGD500,000)

Places to file application for permanent resident:

Taipei Representative Office in Singapore
460 Alexandra Road, #23-00, PSA Building, Singapore 119963
Tel: + (65) 6500 0100
Office Hours: Mondays to Fridays: 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

Full details for the Plum Blossom Card program:


Alfrescian (Inf)
Read previously that if one's ancestors were from Taiwan previously, one can apply for PR by association or something like that?


Many SYT Taiwan mei-meis looking for rich sugar daddy PRs! Brush up your American Inggrish and Silicone valley tech talk will be very appealing. Singlish tak-boleh la. :wink:


Alfrescian (Inf)
Why useless? Mrs Mitch McConnell (wife of the traitor Republican Senate leader) has Taiwanese blood.
but she prefers to be a u.s. citizen, is now the secretary of transportation, and her parents brought her to the u.s. from taiwan when she was 8. she has no taiwanese pr. taiwan can give her honorary pr but who wants it. having taiwanese roots and taiwanese pr are 2 separate things. and there's no such thing as taiwanese blood.