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Sweden is right wrt chinese shitting in public

This one caught in the act in port dickson

Beachgoers capture the magical moment woman decides to take dump on Port Dickson’s sandy shores
By Coconuts KL Apr. 17, 2019

We’ve all been there – it’s late afternoon, the waves are softly crashing just in the distance, the sun shifts lower on the horizon, edging closer to disappearing altogether, but casting a warm glow over you, and everything you can see. The sand feels warm under your feet, getting cooler the closer you walk to the water’s edge, until it becomes cold, damp, and squidgy. You breathe in deep, and that salty air carries you in – you are at the beach.
Maybe you’re with someone special. Maybe you’re alone. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is the here, the now, the – WAIT WHAT THE F*CK.
They're just trying to feed the crabs. Feed until your ketam grow to be big and fat, and straight into your cooking port.


You subhuman chinks pollute everywhere you go.

Not the slightest bit of decency in you to sh*t inside the toilet.

Not in public at least.


Just too disgusting what a bunch of subhuman slanties are these chink prostitutes and their offsprings
This one are all LEARN FROM CHOW ANG MOH BDSM SEX KINK take reference with Dotard's favorite Golden Shower etc. Chow Ang Moh also got Public Pang Sai sex kink, check with @eatshitndie if you used magnifying class to check that tiny photo could be indeed just Chow Ang Moh instead.

?? They said ATB, but SPF checked was Pee Sai Sinkee with IMH case.


You guys have obviously not explored Port Dickson. All the sewers around the sea front are discharged into the sea. You will see a lot of Malay houses and it is a Malay tradition to defecate into rivers and seas.