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Stephen Chow, said to be worth S$250m, rumoured to have included Cecilia Cheung and Xu Jiao in his will


Stephen Chow, said to be worth S$250m, rumoured to have included Cecilia Cheung and Xu Jiao in his will

Hong Kong comedy king Stephen Chow’s illustrious career as an actor and director has not only garnered him global recognition, but also a net worth rumoured to be at least S$251mil.
A new Weibo post alleges that the 61-year-old, who is neither married nor has children, has a will for how his assets should be distributed once he dies.
Apart from his direct family, it's said that his muses Cecilia Cheung and Xu Jiao are also listed as beneficiaries.
Cecilia was in Stephen’s King of Comedy. The 1999 movie scored her one of two Best New Performer nominations at the 19th Hong Kong Film Awards. She won the award for her performance in Fly Me To Polaris.
She and Stephen have worked together on other projects through the years such as 2001’s Shaolin Soccer and 2019’s The New King of Comedy.
Xu Jiao, on the other hand, played Stephen's son in the 2008 sci-fi comedy, CJ7 when she was only 10. For the role, she was named Best New Performer at the 28th Hong Kong Film Awards.
it's said that Xu Jiao, now 26, is Stephen’s goddaughter and that he's been silently helping her with her finances.
Though details of the supposed will are sketchy at best, the writer of the post stated that the contents in the will may not be limited to just money, but company shares as well.
However, many are poo-pooing the idea of both a will and the inclusion of both Xu Jiao and Cecilia.
Stephen is said to be in good health and is set to produce iQiyi’s new variety show titled The King of Comedy Season.
Earlier this year, Stephen also inked a lucrative deal with Douyin, TikTok’s Chinese sister company under Bytedance, to produce a series of short form dramas for Mainland China audiences.
Photos: Rojak lah