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Serious SQ Fucks Up Again! Good Brahmins Flying To Melbourne Scared!


Alfrescian (InfP)
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SINGAPORE- A Singapore Airlines (SIA) flight to Melbourne was leaving the gate at Changi Airport on Friday night (June 15) when an emergency slide was suddenly deployed.

A passenger on flight SQ247 told The Straits Times that he heard a bang as the plane wasmoving.

"There was a huge bang and sound of wind gushing. The plane then stopped accelerating and stayed on the tarmac. They temporarily closed the door and headed back to the gate and are now changing the plane."

Checks online show that the flight was originally scheduled to depart around 7.45pm.

When contacted by The Straits Times, an SIA spokesman said that the Boeing 777 was being "pushed back" for departure from the gate when the evacuation slide was "unexpectedly deployed".

"A replacement aircraft will be deployed for the flight. It is scheduled to depart at 9.30pm (Singapore time).

"We are looking into the cause of the slide deployment," said the spokesman.

He added that there were 243 passengers and 13 crew on board and that there were no injuries.



Alfrescian (Inf)
The announcement was " We apologise for the inconvenience caused by the activation of emergency slide, for our onboard sensors detected hazardous odours ( Ah Neh BO) onboard the plane"....ha ha ha ha


Why the kelingkia seated nearest to the emergency exit door didn't take the hint. Wasn't the evacuation slide getting ready for him ?