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Serious SPG found insects and shit in her Confinement Meals! First World Prices 3rd World Standards Again!



'Worse than cai fan': Mum upset by 'insects and foreign objects' in confinement meals​

'Worse than cai fan': Mum upset by 'insects and foreign objects' in confinement meals

The mum said she found insects in her meal, and that the caterer had ignored her special requests to remove certain food items.
PHOTO: Facebook/Complaint Singapore

In response to AsiaOne's queries, Case said it has received nine complaints against Yu Mummy between Jan 1 and May 7.
According to Case president Melvin Yong, consumers generally complained about late deliveries, discrepancies in orders, poor communication from vendors, concerns about food quality and suitability, and difficulties obtaining refunds.

Case is assisting the affected consumers. Consumers who require assistance can contact at 6277-5100 or through its website.

Reluctant to trouble her mother-in-law, Li Qiulian (transliteration) turned to a food caterer for her confinement meals after seeing multiple good reviews online.
The 40-year-old accountant paid over $1,800 to Yu Mummy Confinement Meals for a 28-day lunch and dinner package in end-March.
But what she thought would be a fuss-free experience turned out to be a frustrating one, with the second-time mother claiming that she lost her appetite throughout her confinement period.
In a Facebook post on April 18, Li wrote that "90 per cent" of the meals she received did not match the caterer's online menu, and that the food tasted "real bad".

"[There were] insects in the food which they said is food ingredients... Now I'm mentally down when I want to eat my food, before even opening the container."
The mother told Lianhe Zaobao that she had made advance requests for no eggs, chicken, prawn and sambal in her meals for the first two weeks. She also requested no pumpkin, carrots and ginger for a while as her baby had jaundice.
However, Li claimed her requests were ignored by the caterer and the ingredients continued to be in her confinement meals.
She added that the meals would occasionally be delivered late or not arrive at all, forcing her to buy food from the coffee shop downstairs.
"Each confinement meal costs $30 on average, but dishes look worse than the cai fan in coffee shops and there were even insects and other foreign objects [in the dish]. This affected my mood during confinement."

According to the text messages between Li and the caterer, the latter said the substandard ingredients delivered by their supplier caused their chef to change the menu without advance notice, reported Zaobao.
Regarding the issues of 'foreign objects' in the food and the late delivery, the caterer told Li that they would provide an extra meal as compensation.
Li said: "The food is already unappetising, yet the other party offered more meals as compensation and refused to refund me. It really doesn't make sense."
Yu Mummy Confinement Meals told Zaobao that the company has sought advice and assistance from celebrity chefs to improve their business processes and menu planning.
As for the presence of prawn and sambal in Li's confinement meals, the caterer said that both ingredients are suitable for postpartum meals and the sambal had been specially prepared with shredded ginger.

The caterer said it will also improve its customer service training and issue a full refund to Li.
Li, however, claimed the caterer had refused to give her a full refund and said they could only convert the remaining meals into vouchers. She has approached the Consumers Association of Singapore (Case) for help.
When contacted by Zaobao, Case confirmed it has received a complaint against Yu Mummy Confinement Meals and is assisting the consumer who is seeking a full refund.
AsiaOne has reached out to Yu Mummy Confinement Meals and Case for more information.


Alfrescian (Inf)


Executive Chef
Chef Kam Chee Lai

With more than three decades of experience from internationally renowned hotels and restaurants, Chef Kam discovered his passion for cooking when he was a child. He began his culinary journey with mostly preparation work and slowly worked his way up and gradually developed a strong passion in Chinese Cuisine. Today, Chef Kam is a professional and celebrated culinary instructor.
Through his innovation and passion for showcasing quality ingredients, Chef Kam has won several awards under his belt, such as Winner of 2016 Taipei World Chef Championship and Winner of 2017 Chine KaiHua Culinary Challenge. During his culinary journey, Chef Kam was seen actively promoting Chinese cooking as the founding member and Vice Chairman of Hou Yow Cooks' Association Singapore.
A true chef at heart and with great expertise in TCM herbs cooking, Chef Kam leads Yu Mummy Confinement Meals with utmost passion and innovation, creating dishes that best suit the various nutritional needs of our consumers. Chef Kam hopes to continue sourcing the best ingredients and create new yet familiar flavours while capturing the true soul of nutritional confinement meals.



In-House Nutritionist
Ms. Fiona Chia

Our in-house nutritionist, Fiona is one of Singapore’s most established Nutritionist, having been recognised by Health Promotion Board as an Accredited Workplace Health Consultant with over a decade of experience in food and nutrition.
Fiona's nutrition principles in living in the fast paced society is about going back to basics with a key focus on cooking. Through fun education, she strives to help everyone achieve a greater quality of health!
Her affluent public speaking skills, zestfulness and fun approach to wellness have brought her into the public eye having been featured on media platforms such as NUYOU magazine, Channel 8, Channel U and many more. Fiona has also gone global as the personal Nutritionist of the sensational Taiwanese singer and actress Angela Chang.
When she's not in office or working with people, she's either diving or hiking. Fiona adds a dash of her passion for wellness and love for the outdoors to everything she does, creating extraordinary sessions that go beyond just body and into the mind and heart.


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First world education, third world cultural beliefs. Is confinement still necessary in this day and age of medical advancement?


Alfrescian (Inf)
The whole point of confinement meals is to either cook it yourself or have a family member or relative cook it for you. That's where the fun and bonding happens.

Looks like these days they even outsourced this to FT workers who don't care. That's just sad.


Policy of 3rd world kitchen helpers no washing hands after pangsai, no washing vegetables, high taxes, high rental, high profit/GDP. We deserve it.