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SOLD!!! $1.5million Tiong Bahru HDB with with 49 years remaining lease

Byebye Penis


Ah Gong was right! Our HDB flat prices will appreciate forever and ever!
Someone told me that BTO prices is about half of resale-price. Southern waterfront will launch million-dollar BTO units when resale price hits $2 million.



Jumbo HDB at Tiong Bahru sold for record $1.5 mil​


A jumbo HDB flat at 50 Moh Guan Terrace in Tiong Bahru has been sold for a record $1.5 million ($792 psf). This sale was brokered by KF Property's associate deputy division director Alvin Yeo. The unit is a 1,894 sq ft, four-room flat on the fourth floor of a walk-up apartment building., with 49 years left on its 99-year tenure.

the Buyer took Mdm HC 's
words literally :

ie, take , 1,500,000 ÷ 49 years÷ 12 months
= s$2,551/- per month

still cheaper than renting the whole
unit at current mkt price of around s$5k per month :biggrin: