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So Much FTrash That One Can Fall Into MRT Track!


Alfrescian (Inf)
Teen falls onto MRT track, hit by train
Posted: 03 April 2011 1330 hrs <LINK rel=image_src href="http://www.channelnewsasia.com/imagegallery/store/">
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SINGAPORE: A 14-year-old Thai teenager was seriously injured after she fell onto the track and was hit by a train at Ang Mo Kio MRT Station on Sunday morning.

Police said they received a call about the incident at about 11.10am.

Train operator SMRT said the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) arrived at about 11.20am.

SCDF said its officers used a scoop stretcher to rescue the teenager from the track.

She suffered serious injuries on her lower limbs and was sent to the Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

The SCDF said the teenager was conscious throughout the ordeal.

SMRT said a southbound train was delayed by about 15 minutes due to the incident.

But service was not disrupted as southbound trains were temporarily routed to the middle platform of the Ang Mo Kio station.

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AMK is a crowded station with many children, they should speed up the construction of barriers.

Conan the Barbarian

Building barriers is a cost, it does not bring revenue.
Since SMRT has never paid anything significant to
people falling onto the tracks, it does not make
economical sense to build barriers.