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SMRT new CEO wants sinkies to have confidence to take their trains again

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Immediate priority is to regain public confidence: SMRT's interim CEO
By Hetty Musfirah | Posted: 09 January 2012 2112 hrs

SINGAPORE : SMRT's interim CEO said his immediate priority is to regain public confidence in the rail network.

In his first media interview, Tan Ek Kia said the way to do that is to "absolutely deliver a reliable system".

He said the company is learning lessons from the two disruptions in December.

For example, it is looking at ways to communicate with all commuters more effectively during a service disruption.

He gave the assurance that improvement works will be implemented as soon as they are identified.

Mr Tan said: "I have just taken over. I see our people working very hard and round the clock to prevent mistakes. As you are aware, a number of investigations are going on, including our own in SMRT. But we cannot wait for the reports to be finished. On a continuing basis, our people are identifying improvements and implementing them."

Channel News Asia understands that SMRT's internal investigation team, led by independent board member Ong Ye Kung, will meet on Tuesday to discuss relevant issues raised by Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew in Parliament on Monday.

- CNA/ms

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This ah chek really got his work cut out for him... another boo boo this morning :eek:

Netizen: MRT train doors opened 30cm while inside tunnels
Shin Min Daily News - 4 hrs 32 mins ago


A netizen recently recounted an incident where the doors of a Circle Line train opened while it was travelling between stations.

The netizen and his friends were on the train when a set of train doors suddenly opened after a passenger leaned on them.

According to the netizen, there was a gap of about 30cm between the doors and strong winds blew into the train from the surrounding tunnels.
Passengers could also see the interior of the train tunnels clearly.

The netizen added, "We found that the train doors could be easily pushed open. I hope SMRT can resolve this issue as soon as possible to prevent passengers from accidentally falling into the tunnels."

On the issue, SMRT explained to reporters that there is a "push back" mechanism in the train doors that allows passengers to push the doors open by 10cm when necessary.

Such a mechanism would be helpful to passengers if their clothes or bag straps get caught between the doors.

The SMRT spokesperson went on to emphasise that the train door cannot be opened by more than 10cm unless they are pulled open by someone who is very strong.

In addition, if train doors are pulled open by more than 10cm, the affected train and nearby trains will pull to a halt to ensure the safety of passengers.
SMRT reported that another train delay occurred this morning at about 7am on 9 January.

A malfunction had occurred on train tracks near Newton MRT station resulting in longer waiting times on the northbound line.

According to SMRT, the problem was resolved by 7.10am and normal service was resumed.

Source: Shin Min Daily News, 9 January 2012. Click here for the Chinese report.



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Restore confidence? Is there any alternative to MRT?

Yes!, bus Number " 1 1 ", or the Bicycle! but do we have a choice, if you live in Tampines & you work in Tuas? bus number ' 1 1', unless you very fit, start at 5am.:p


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Then why are you not in Australia, instead of posting crap here? They rejected your application again is it? hehehe

why do you want to know if i am in australia? is that information of vital importance to you? what is it got to do with you? oh yeah.. maybe i will go check on you at the rubbish chute later. My post here are for un-rubbished posters


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If the MPs rotate and take the MRT to work, I'm sure it will pressure the MRT to work perfectly...