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six types of ccb



1. Garlic, onions, or another type of food

Your breath isn’t the only thing that can be affected by a garlicky meal or a strong cup of coffee —fragrant foods can change your vaginal odor, too. As anyone who’s peed after eating asparagus can tell you, certain foods can cause some funky smells as they make their way out of your body. That doesn’t mean you should skip your favorite foods — just wash them down with plenty of fluids.

“If you’re really active, and you’re drinking a lot of water and flushing everything out, I would anticipate that the smell would go away much more quickly,” says Dr. O’Connor.

2. Musky and sweaty

While we don’t really want to compare vaginas to armpits, the thing is, they can both get a little funky after a cardio sesh. “That area’s probably not going to be too pleasant after an intense workout,“ Dr. O’Connor explains. Of course, the heart-healthy benefits of exercise far outweigh any worries about vaginal odor, and it’s nothing a quick rinse can’t fix. “Even for people who have a strong odor after a workout, a shower should get things back to normal,” Dr. O’Connor says.

3. Yeasty

Your vagina does contain a small amount of yeast. But if it starts smelling like a bakery down there, something might be wrong. This could be a sign of a yeast infection, especially when it is accompanied by white and clumpy discharge. A yeast infection can be caused by hormones, antibiotics, certain cleansers, or anything that throws off the gentle balance of fungus and bacteria in your vagina. The infections are typically easily treatable with an anti-fungal medication, so if you have any of the symptoms, call your doctor.

4. Metallic

If you’re smelling a metallic odor down there, it probably just means you’re on your period. Blood contains iron, so the smell often accompanies that time of the month. The smell should pass once your flow is finished.

5. Something rotten

A wayward tampon that you may have left in too long can lead to a build-up of bacteria that causes a foul, rotten odor. If you finished your period within the past week, this could be the culprit. “An easy way to check is to just sweep into the vagina with a clean finger and see if you can feel anything,” Dr. O’Connor says. “If you’re not sure, see a doctor for them to check.” Once the tampon is removed, things should return to status quo pretty quickly. Remember, it’s recommended that you change tampons every 4-8 hours, according to the Cleveland Clinic, or more if your flow is heavier.

6. Fishy

A funky, fishy odor could be a sign of a vaginal infection like bacterial vaginosis, a fairly common infection caused by an upset pH balance in your vagina. But odor usually isn’t the only symptom of bacterial vaginosis, so ask yourself if you’ve noticed anything else unusual. “A much more common symptom for bacterial vaginosis would be an abnormal discharge — potentially a slightly different color with itching and irritation in the vaginal area,” Dr. O’Connor says. “For pelvic inflammatory disease, the most common symptom is pain in the pelvic area.” If you notice either of those symptoms, give your doctor a call.


There are 7 types in fact. There's also the pungent curry bawu that can only be found exclusively at a certain unit at Mayfair. And you have to be of shitskin origin to savour it.


Saliva can break all those smells...


There are 7 types in fact. There's also the pungent curry bawu that can only be found exclusively at a certain unit at Mayfair. And you have to be of shitskin origin to savour it.
Best to be tested with Boomstick