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Sinopharm not that safe anymore?


Nay. They're the safest. Because they're made in China. We all know made in china stuff doesn't work. It is so ineffective that basically it's like injecting yourself with saline.
It's good for those that require it to enable them to continue working.
Yup...I pak 2X Sinopharm no side effects at all, not even sore arm. Really like water....


Yup...I pak 2X Sinopharm no side effects at all, not even sore arm. Really like water....
Even before taking the vaccines, one should analyse the risks between taking it and not taking it.
Then study the pros and cons of each vaccines.
Then dig up history about collusion between FDA and the big pharmas before acting on your decisions.
Remember, the is corruption even at the highest echelons of political leadership everywhere, SG not excluded
Money makes people do the darndest things..


Alfrescian (Inf)
The real question to ask is this:

Has the 'Covid virus' ever been isolated in a medical laboratory? :wink:

Scrooball (clone)

No jab no mall entry.

U can choose which is more important - your life or going into a building housing Uniqlo, FairPrice, Challenger and more.