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Sinkie Virgin Aunty 39 lost in Spain after meeting daotao! Hostel?



Singaporean woman goes missing in Spain, family appeals for information​

Singaporean woman goes missing in Spain, family appeals for information

Audrey Fang, who travelled alone to Spain, has been uncontactable since April 10.
PHOTO: Benjamin Fang

A Singaporean woman has been reported missing in Spain.

Ms Audrey Fang's family is appealing for information on her whereabouts after she became uncontactable.

Her brother, Mr Benjamin Fang, told TNP that his 39-year-old sister did not share her flight or trip details with them but knows she left Singapore for Spain on Apr 4 at about 11.45pm.

"She was travelling alone but we believe she was going to meet a friend," he said.

According to a local news report, Ms Fang was staying at a hotel in Xàbia, a coastal town in the province of Alicante, Valencia.

She reportedly left the hotel on Apr 9 at about 8.45pm but did not return to her room. Her personal belongings were left behind.

The family felt something was amiss when her father could not reach her since Apr 10.

They then contacted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) on Apr 11 and made a police report on Apr 12 when she did not arrive in Singapore as scheduled.

"She was expected to touch down in Singapore on Apr 12 at 7am," Mr Fang said.

"We would like to appeal to members of the public who are in Spain or anyone who has seen her for information."

TNP understands MFA is assisting the family


Die liao.

Missing Singaporean woman who was on vacation alone in Spain found dead​

Audrey Fang, 39, the Singaporean woman who was reported missing in Spain recently has been found dead.

A man found her body at a location 150km away from the hotel she was staying at not long after she disappeared.

Local police have arrested a Singaporean man in relation to the case.

Singaporean woman found dead several days after going missing​

According to The Olive Press, Ms Fang’s body was found about 150km away from her hotel in a parking lot in Abanilla, a municipality in Spain.


Source: Marcial Guillén for EFE via SER 100

A man who was heading to a restaurant nearby discovered her body the morning after she went missing.

Spanish Radiofusion Society SER 100 reported that at the time of the discovery — which was around 7am on 10 April (1pm Singapore time) — authorities at the scene had not identified the body.

They could only confirm that she was dead.

Search launched after hotel staff find belongings still in room​

SER 100 also reported that Ms Fang had left her hotel on foot alone on 9 April.

Hotel employees later sensed something amiss when cleaning services came to her room and noticed her belongings were still there despite her absence.

Ms Fang had booked a stay at the hotel from 4 to 10 April and failed to check out on her last day.

The hotel staff thus reported the matter to the town’s Civil Guard, which prompted a search operation.

Police arrest Singaporean man in relation to the case​

When Ms Fang’s family realised that she didn’t arrive back in Singapore on 12 April as planned, they filed a police report and sought help from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), The Olive Press noted.

The chain of events that followed is unclear. However, the Civil Guard managed to find and arrest the suspect, said to be a Singaporean man.

SER 100 stated that the man’s relations to the victim are unclear.

The Court of Instruction number 3 of Cieza (Murcia) is overseeing the case. The suspect will likely face the judge within the next two days


If murder another sinkie overseas, kena is kena another country's law (in this case: Spain) and say after X years, the person release liao and then go back Singapore, will he kena from Singapore law or he is free to roam around Singapore just like anyone???